Claudia Dalgliesh.

Word on the nationalist street is that a certain Mr E. Butler is (ahem) partaking in this cast off, we have very good sources here at G.W.


20 thoughts on “Claudia Dalgliesh.

  1. Anonymous

    This Dalgliesh woman originally comes from South Africa, it is claimed she is a Cape Coloured, she has certainly had a nose job. She said in a recent Tweet that the BNP has no chance in winning a seat on the GLA on May 3rd. Everything with her add up to a wrong'un. I wonder who pay roll is on?

  2. Anonymous

    I believe that Butler and Neil Lynne pulled a few tricks together. I believed they tried to get me expelled from the BNP. I reported the matter by e-mail to a number of my colleagues and e-mailed the info further up the chain of command. Nothing came of it and i survived this attempt.This happened shortly after the Euro elections when other things stated to happen. I was later contacted by Neil Lynne (why? He lived miles away) about a year later. I had left the BNP by then but played with him, eventually he accused me of doing something which i didn't so that was that. I can't find anything about him on the internet even tho he's been around for years.

  3. GriffinWatch

    No self respecting white woman would ever put herself in that position, let alone pose for a photograph, tells you all that you need to know about Butler (the ex/current? employee of the city of London Corporation) and the disgusting creature in the photograph in the post. Mendoza deserves all that he has been given (he should check for diseases).

  4. Anonymous

    I looked at her My Space page, she is into Black music stars, mainly half caste ones. She says on her twitter she wants a new boob job, I don't think Butler would cough up for that though?

  5. Anonymous

    and after the night club these freaks went round to fatman Martin Reynolds house for an all night scat party!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The grinning khunt behind the bag of bones holding a drink is Eddy the Butler after someone pulled him out of a pot full of Reynolds's vintage triple-fermented shizenhousen custard – second helpings, anyone?Fly On The Wall

  6. GriffinWatch

    To Michael "Stephen Lawrence should be a saint" Barnbrook, this blog has awoken many a nataionalist and has always been at the forefront of exposing Griffarage, when YOU were creeping around Griffins arris, in order to push your self promotional agenda via the BNP. You and those of your ilk, make me want to be violently ill, half-caste grandchilren? It's unheard of in nationalist circles, you should have taught your SON better, what a failure of a parent YOU are, you want to get personal? No problem Tricky Micky, I'm armed with the truth. Don't you EVER attempt to call me a liar.Sean P.J.P.E. Hadley.

  7. GriffinWatch

    Corrupt/complicit police and ex-police are part of the the problem. That is most certainly not to say that all of our police are corrupt/complicit. Locally and historically the police have been very fair in my neck of the woods.

  8. Nemesis

    So 'Tricky Dicky', lately of the Nick Griffin Sycophant's Socuety, has the nerve to condemn Griffin Watch and its readers as 'liars' is disgraceful. Where does this PC race-mixing traitor gets that idea from? Facts, Mr Barnbrooke, facts…you know, those hard things that police officers, whom you used to be, require before judging a case or a person's innocence or guilt.Coming from an Establishment stooge and race-mixing traitor as Michael Barnbrooke himself is rather an accolade for Griffin Watch methinks. It shows how the State and its stooges fear the truth – and blogs such as this. mad mandy,If you believe anything you read on "Griffin Watch", you really are mad.Regards,Michael Barnbrook

  9. Nemesis

    As an illustrationn of both the disgusting mentality of pseudo-nationalist shysters as Michale Barnbrooke – as well as the stench of liberalising civicism of Griffin who employed such liberal henchmen as 'Tricky Dicky', this is his love for the coffee-coloured grandchildren that are his grandchildren in his own words.Of course, they can't be helped for being born but his disgusting miscenagating children are to blame. Any racial nationalist worth their salt would have been ashamed for having this in their family, let alone celebrating it. Michael Barnbrooke – how did you bring your children up to marry and procreate children from outside of their racial folk, hence destroying forever destroying that biological link and aancestry? Logic and Fairness,I don't know whether your post was a reference to me but if it was I would like to point out that I have six grandchildren, four white grandchildren from my first marriage and two mixed race grandchildren from my second marriage. I love them all dearly and I hope, with my guidance, that when they are all old enough to do so, they will all cast their votes for the only political party that will secure their futures. My two mixed race grandchildren did not chose to be born mixed race. They were the product of two individuals of different skin colour who happened to fall in love. Whether we agree with that or not we are a democracy and there is nothing that can be done about it. The reason that nothing can be done about it is because we are not in power and never will be whilst we alienate voters because of racist attitudes. I recently lost a local Council Election by eight votes, having reduced it from a Conservative majority of one thousand votes. I would happily have accepted nine votes from anyone, whether they be white, black, yellow or mixed race, so long as it had made me the winner.Regards,Michael Barnbrook

  10. Nemesis

    To glean an even betetr insight into the racial traitorousness of the state stooge, Michael Barnbrroke, here is his take on the murder of 'Saint' Stephen Lawrence. This former police officer seems more keen on following in the wake of the deluge of PC celebration of this individual, whose Black Power salute and love of gangs typfied his sentiments. Whether he was murdered by those who have been accused ( and in two cases convicted) I cannot say as the DNA evidence is not truly conclusive and they could never have a fair and free trail after the media hype. But then again Barnbrooke can show off his multicultural credentials and dress up in sack clothes and ashes at this terrible murder of a black man by racist whites. Well, Mr Barnbrooke, what about white victims of blacka dn Asian thugs? has been said and written about Stephen Lawrence since his murder on 22nd April, 1993, mostly by individuals who never knew or met him. At the time of his death I was a Metropolitan Police Inspector stationed at Eltham Police Station, just down the road from the murder scene. A murder squad was set up at Eltham Police Station to investigate the circumstances of Stephen's death. During the days following the murder, rumours were spreading, both inside the police station as well as in the surrounding area about what had happened that had caused the altercation leading to the offence being committed. Most of these rumours were to the detriment of Stephen Lawrence, so much so that I went to the Murder Squad Office and informed a detective that I had known Stephen and was prepared to assist the enquiry into his murder in any way possible. My name was taken and that was the last I ever heard until some time later when I was written to by the Assistant Chief Constable of the Kent Constabulary, who was conducting a review of the initial police investigation and asked to make a statement. I made a statement which was subsequently read out at the public enquiry into Stephen's murder. How did I know Stephen Lawrence? For some years I had been a member of Cambridge Harriers Athletic Club based in Bexley. One day I was approached by a senior member of the club, Barry Ferguson, who asked me if I was prepared to be an athletics mentor to the colts, boys and youth team. This duty consisted of driving a group of youngsters to athletics meetings at weekends, selecting what events they would enter and generally looking after them for the whole day. Stephen and his younger brother Stuart were members of Cambridge Harriers and over the next four years I regularly took them both to athletics meetings. Stephen was an outstanding athlete in both field and track events.

  11. Anonymous

    Michael Barnbrook, seeing you were a serving copper when you were mentoring Blessed St. Lawrence, do you deny this paragon of virtue and civic proberty was a street-level low-life drug dealer who had criminal convictions and got tugged by the Old Bill while carrying a hundgun for self-defence against rival drug dealers?Re: your comment: "I would happily have accepted nine votes from anyone, whether they be white, black, yellow or mixed race, so long as it had made me the winner"Barnbrook you're a complete failure both as a nationalist and a father because it's White race traitors like your off-spring who're mating with baboons ans shitting out mongrels that'll soon make the White race/Indigenous English a permanent voting minority in England.Since they were toddlers I taught my son and daughter that miscegenation was unacceptable in my family, and if any of them married a wog of any hue I would permanently banished them and never talk to them again.Your trouble, Barnbrook, you've never had the backbone for instilling in your off-spring the importance of White race pride, patriotism, protection and preservation – you blub to much. Fly On The Wall


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