As if on cue. Goldman Sachs.

Your necks as the French would say, are on the metaphorical chopping block next. With your Usurious ways.


3 thoughts on “As if on cue. Goldman Sachs.

  1. Anonymous

    I see your fame is reaching the likes of Goldman SacksBy leading the world's economies into chaos, Goldman Sachs is … Taking control of the world's governments is, in fact, the ultimate way toSuper Mario anyone

  2. Anonymous

    Be prepared. Stock up on food and water.Remember there are only 4 days worth of food in our supermarkets at any one time. Water purifiers are a must and have plenty of fuel to cook food. Keep as much cash out as is safe to do.Cash is king.Grow your own food if you can. Learn what you can about obtaining food from the wild. There are websites to show you how to survive when it all goes down.We are going to witness things that we never imagined we would ever see in the next few years. Those who know it is coming have a better chance of surviving.If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail.


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