Tommy Robinson aka Stephen-Yaxley Lennon "supposedly" attacked by the muzzies.

Default Re: EDL leader Tommy Robinson beaten up by muzzies

“Feck Tommy Robinson, or whatever he calls himself this week, and feck the horse he rode in on.

I have no sympathy for him whatsoever, he is a race-traitor.

He kisses the Khazars arse, flies the abomination that is the Israeli imperialist flag, flies the faggot rainbow flag, burns the sacred Swastika, condemns White Nationalism and gloats about the many mud friends and associates he has.

Why the hell should we give a toss about this creature? He is not one of us and infact has stated he despises what we stand for.

I despair sometimes when I read the utter pish spouted here at times by White people who should and do know better.

Robinson/Yaxley Lennon is not a “White man”, he gave up that honour when he raised the enemy’s standard and proned himself unconditionally at the feet of this nations enemies. Robinson gleefully allies himself with the people who are orchestrating the death of our race and are destroying a future for White children.

Just because he doesn’t like “some” Muslims, we are supposed to have sympathy for him?

What next, a fecking whip round?

He is scum and if the Muslims had thrown his carcass in the Thames I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid.

Just in case some people here need reminding. David Lane’s sacred 14 Words run thus…

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”

Can someone please tell me where Robinson/Yaxley Lennon’s commitment to Zionism, multi-racialism and Sodomite rights falls anywhere in that parameter above?”

” The Holohoax has more holes in it than Rab C. Nesbit’s vest ” . — Me.

I couldn’t have put it better myself.
This is what the British Zionist Party has to say about it:

If you believe the tall tale as written above, there is no hope for you!!!!

My thoughts? Yaxley-Lennon was most likely attacked for being a Zionist pawn and betraying his own people but who knows.

Here are Peter Staffords thoughts on Emma West, Stafford is an online mouthpiece for the British Zionist Party/E.D.L. unholy alliance:


24 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson aka Stephen-Yaxley Lennon "supposedly" attacked by the muzzies.

  1. CorshamCrusader

    I noticed 'Brit Nat' is now on gardening leave after posting this…"Originally Posted by Brit-Nat View PostGeorge, why don't we get some Muslims to kick your face in, then take a photo. Purely for comparison."And then there's this one from Peter Stafford….."We arent paid, we do it out of love of Israel."The British Freedom/Zionist Party are SCUM !!!CC

  2. Anonymous

    From the NWI"This is straight from the horses mouth, Tommy was not done in by ethnics. He was twatted by the Luton MIGS because he's been a very naughty boy around his local towns footy mob. He got lippy to the top boys number 2 and retribution in the form of a few slaps was dished out (and some of his birds blue eyeliner by the look of it). This is 100% of the football grapevi…ne info.Naughty Yaxo is now hated in his own town, the nets closing soft ****e. Again this is proper info from a good lad. Remember you Edl brown noses, the Nwi have a lot of friends because were genuine honest and not profit making and we know a lot more than you think about your leadership. Nwi ktf"Sounds like it was the MIGs and not Muslims that did him in. I'd rather believe word of the NWI/football firms than Tommy Robinson."

  3. Anonymous

    …..been busy spreading Nationalism around and combating idiocy.Regards~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anonymous, well done – congratulations – first task is relatively easy but the latter one nigh impossible because, sad to say, over 90% of the English people are dunderheads whose main driving forces for living are a big pair of tits on page 3 of the Scum, watching football on the telly, and getting pissed out of their skulls at every opportunity – and only start complaining about immigrants when some big buck coon starts rogering their sisters, daughters, wife or mum – don't discount the dad – atop the telly during `Match Of The Day' or some dopey soap series portraying shirtlifters gold-riveting each other while daisy-chaining in the local pub.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Sadly some idiots have been sucked in by this character Robinson.The EDL had about 80 odd thousand on their facebook page before it was hacked and all regional accounts were hacked thats why Lancaster UAF have been having a field day of late ! Lexley Lennon or Paddy Maguire or what ever his name is probably sitting in a bar in Welshpool laughing counting the coffers with Griffin.

  5. Anonymous

    What goes round comes round.The edl are not nationalists although i firmly believe many of the "foot soldiers" are misguided.Although christmas is a pagan festival, seasons greetings and a better new year to all nationalists,patriots and true christiansWhiteboar

  6. Anonymous

    Posted by Tyndall loyalist "Mafeking" on BDFSolidarity wants £60% moreFinding sleep an impossibility this morning due to a gout, I took to browsing for want of something to do. I notice that the British National Party website again extols the "benefits" of the charade and confidence trick that is the Solidarity "trade union", run by the parasite Harrington. Following the flight of fancy claim that "Solidarity fights many cases from political discrimination to 'bread n' butter' issues" (when it can demonstrate nothing of the kind, other than in the cases of the parasite's friends, the Messrs Walker and Griffin), comes the exhortation "Become a member by paying £8 a month via PayPal by using this link". It will not have escaped the attentions of the observant that this useless leech of an organisation (if we are to grace such an insignificant entity with so large a word) has increased the cost of membership from £5 per month, and it is now £8 per month – an increase of 60%. This takes the membership fees of this bogus organisation close to those of the major trade unions, which provide a welter of benefits, deals, services and free legal advice for their members. In some cases the £8 per month required exceeds the membership fee of a properly formed trade union. Now while I have no time for the leaderships of our regular trade unions, I have even less for this misbegotten enterprise run by the parasite. When it belatedly filed its accounts with the trade union Certification Officer I made some observances of the strangeness and curiosity excited by the contents of them in this thread:The Solidarity 400 What I have been unable to find on this "trade union's" website is any reference at all to an authoritative meeting, either executive or general, at which this 60% increase in membership fees was proposed, seconded, and voted upon. It is the normal practice of other trade unions to warn by post, or by making public (via the union's website and internal news media) that such a motion is proposed, and of what the outcome was.See here

  7. Anonymous

    Lennon has had more success in the past 3 years than you've had in your entire life.Jealousy is very belittling, and says more about your lack of success and bitterness than anything else.

  8. GriffinWatch

    If success means selling out my people to the Zionists, like Yaxley-Lennon is still trying to do. I would be happy to be a failure. Actually we are are great success here at G.W. The E.D.L. is falling apart because our foot soldiers are now waking up to the Zionists and Yaxley-Lennons nasty little money making game. Yaxley-Lennon=Nick Griffin. Please don't try and get into an intellectual battle with us here, you are intellectually unarmed. For every Zionist front that springs up, we will bring it down, utilising the truth. Happy Christmas. The GriffinWatch Team. 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    We started it – we let the EDL down:I feel that the EDL came into existence through failure of the nationalist movement.The EDL leadership used to support the Luton BNP before they were treated in a disrespectful way. They then ditched the BNP.In the subsequent ideological vacuum the unfortunate pro zionist "cult" was able to emerge.I believe most of the members have no real idea about Israel, they just like controversy and annoying other nationalists.These are still decent patriotic folk and I believe they are waiting for us to give them a credible vehicle/movement to join.

  10. Anonymous

    The EDL appeals to the common man – you don't.It's fairly simples really. Average Joe isn;t fixated with conspiracy nonsense and hatred of jews.Trying to compare yourselves to the EDL in terms of public popularity is comparing gold with shit.Nonsense about selling-out is pathetic and comes across as bittter. Personal attacks on lennon are spiteful and reek of jealousy….Just saying like.The reason that you don't like these decent patriots is that in 5 minutes flat they've worked out how to appeal to people- something you are light-years away from. And your too blind to see the reality

  11. GriffinWatch

    I would agree that the average E.D.L. members are indeed great people, who care about their country I have never said otherwise, however they have been willfully mislead by their so called leadership and backers who now openly support Zionism. Whilst the muzzies are a great problem for the country they are merely symptoms of a bigger disease, the disease that has allowed and continues to allow them to settle here. How about the E.D.L. doing something that will actually put the wind up the establishment, like protesting near to the houses of treason (Parliament) or outside the banks in the City of London. Quite frankly that wouldn't be allowed, the E.D.L. would almost certainly be banned or water canonned. Have you ever thought why the police are told to allow E.D.L. events to take place and are willing to spend millions of pounds policing said events? Do you think it is because the establishment agrees with the E.D.L. or do you think that they are tolerated because they aren't really making any difference whatsoever. What have the E.D.L. actually achieved? have they stopped this flood of immigration? NO. Have they stopped the bankers in the city running amock and making our taxes higher and services less? NO, they have not. The E.D.L. certainly has the potential to achieve great things with an intelligent and nationalist led leadership but at the moment, the establishment are just laughing at the E.D.L. and that is the truth of the matter, whether you choose to accept it or not. Education is the key, always has been, always will be.

  12. Anonymous

    GriffinWatch said…. Please don't try and get into an intellectual battle with us here, you are intellectually unarmed.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~More like, intellectually stark bollock naked in an intellectual nationalist blizzard.Fly On The Wall

  13. Anonymous

    In the subsequent ideological vacuum the unfortunate pro zionist "cult" was able to emerge (in the EDL – FOTW). I believe most of the members have no real idea about Israel, they just like controversy and annoying other nationalists.24 December 2011 11:43~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anonymous, greetings to MK.Nearly all the EDL protesters agitating in Cambridge, last summer, were knuckle-dragging thugs who were throwing ripe fruit at tourists, local residents, onlookers and the police, alike. Every EDL protestor I spoke to after they began breaking up and were preparing to go home, made plain he/she personally supported israhell and zionism, and had no problem with Britain being flooded by blacks – so much for these mindless thugs "defending England." – the would be more truthful if they called themselves the JFC – Jew Fan Club.Fly On The Wall

  14. Anonymous

    In 2006 the BNP were leafleting in Luton,for contesing the council election.(In Margaret Morans constituency) I spoke to some who were from Manchester and some fro Tyneside. These were football casuals the Migs had asked to help.This amazing spirit is still there, I agree that it needs education.They make the muds nervous anyway, so fair play to em.

  15. Anonymous

    All the EDL pricks achieve in doing is annoying the muslim communities, and one day they will get a good kicking off some angry muslim lads- and i for one will not shed any tears over that!Inspector Blakey"i `ate you Griffin!""

  16. Anonymous

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