Paul Weston and the Zionist British Freedom Party.

Lee John Barnes, Peter Mullins, Peter Stafford, Simon Bennett, Michael Wood, Paul Weston et al, you are openly displaying your treachery towards your own race by kowtowing to the Zionists who are largely responsible for the multicultural disaster that now infects our white countries, the Zionists hate us whites with a passion, one day, all of you will be judged accordingly. 🙂
We here at GriffinWatch told you of the not so subtle take-over of the B.F.P. (sic) by the Zionists, some time ago: 

Thursday, 10 November 2011



The Zionists have now firmly taken over the British Freedom Party (sic).

We have all known for years now that Lee John Barnes is a rabid Zionist ( Despite his online protestations to the contrary):

Now this Paul Weston character is a different kettle of fish altogether, Weston is heavily connected with the the Christian Evangelicals (Read Zionists, their movement has been subverted also) , in the U.S.A.

Paul Weston is more than capable of getting funds from the U.S.A. and is also very very connected to the Black Evangelical churches across the pond.

Weston is known to write articles for the “Gates of Vienna” blog, a rabidly anti-Islam blog that is heavily Zionist influenced. (Have you joined the dots yet?)

Here are some more details of Weston that will open your eyes:

With the B.N.P. under Griffarage about to implode, this represents the next and continuing Zionist attempts at subversion of nationalism in Britain, make no mistake about this my friends, Weston has the connections and the access to cash to be a major problem for nationalism in Britain.

Simon Bennett also runs the E.D.L.’s website operations, so all of the information fits perfectly.
If one is intelligent enough to join the dots.

These people are also indirectly connected to the Zionist nutter Anders Breivik of Norway infamy (white children slaughterer), so these are the types of extremists that you will be making a bed with along with the odious Roberta Moore creature.

AVOID THE BRITISH FREEDOM PARTY (sic) like the plague.

You cannot say that you haven’t been forewarned and remember, you heard it here on GriffinWatch.


40 thoughts on “Paul Weston and the Zionist British Freedom Party.

  1. Anonymous

    BFP have absolutely no chance of winning anywhere around the country….. It's just not gonna happen!Money or no money they wont even come close to the BNP in elections!!

  2. GriffinWatch

    The BNP has been all but killed by Griffarage it certainly won't do well. I tend to agree, looking back on things now, that the BFP won't do any good either. The real point of this post is exposing the treacherous acts of those involved with the BFP.

  3. Anonymous

    Bennett and Mullins were warned Bagel Barnes is Gri££in's mole and would damage any nationalist movement fool enough to let the barmy bagel join them.Liverpool Lad watching chinky winkle pickers drifting in and out of Morecambe Bay.

  4. Anonymous

    LOLOLOLOL!!What a load of paranoid shit."Connect the dots"?????You fucking moron Hadley. All you do is moan and belittle the efforts of others, whilst doing fuck all yourself.Rather than actually get involved, you manage this pathetic offering of a blog…a real online ninja.Perhaps when i see the name 'sean hadley' actively involved, you might gain a little respect. Right now? You have zero credibility and are a laughing stockLJB

  5. GriffinWatch

    You Barnes are a Zionist traitor, how much did Weston and his backers pay you, 10k was it? Oh and have you given back the laptop that the B.F.P. members unwittingly paid for?You should write a novel about treason, it will be factual seeing as you are an expert practitioner.As for zero credibility in the nationalist movement, that would be you. Can you still transmogrify into a big scary bear? GoldLeelocks. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    Delusional idiot Hadley. A miserable moaner on the outside of everything.You think you know what's going on??LOL!You're not even on the level of a useful idiot. Idiot certainly, but of no fucking use whatsover.You're a disgruntled loser Sean…all you have are lies, crap and innuendo.Smoke and mirrors, eh Sean? But you're too thick and brain-locked to think outside your tiny cube.Loser!LJB

  7. GriffinWatch

    I'm not worried about my position in the movement at all, afterall they call you Bagel Barnes, they don't call me Hebe Hadley. So what you are saying is that Weston isn't being supported by Zionists (despite video evidence), you weren't bought a laptop by unwitting BFP members and that you haven't sold out white people? Is that correct traitor?Who's delusional?

  8. Anonymous

    Well done Sean. Before we can defeat our enemies our own house has to be in order.These people are not nationalists, I personally dont care who our enemies are,it just so happens to be Talmudic Jew money power.If it were Arabs I would feel the same. Do the research Barnes you cant come to any other conclusion.The destructive power is in the hands of Talmudic Jews,even jews themselves admit it!I dont see real power or the history changing manipulation in the hands of any other race.As for evangelical "christians" there as phoney as people like Barnes.A true reading of the Bible shows that it is Christians who are the chosen ones.I think Sean you have struck a nerve! Whiteboar

  9. GriffinWatch

    I know Barnes well, whilst some may politely refer to him as a "pocket money nationalist" I prefer the more direct term traitor. Barnes knows exactly what he is doing.Barnes has for years been paid "cash in hand", In fact we exposed this via the leaked B.N.P. accounts, how Griffarage paid Barne's partner his payments in order to circumvent declarations that would effect his long term benefits, he is a benefit fraudster as well as a traitor.Foolishly Barne's has been given the benefit of the doubt in the past, by many, myself included. This B.F.P. episode has proven that our initial suspicions of his Zionist treachery were correct all along.A Leopard and spots springs readily to mind……………….

  10. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, be in no doubt whatsoever, Barnes knows exactly the destruction his parisitical race has been and still is wroughting on the indigenous English people.I repeat again, both Bennett and Mullins were personally warned never to include Barnes in any nationalist party they may create.To their cost, they ignored that good advice, involved Barnes, who then immediately set about causing internal strive in the BFP, resulting in many thoroughly decent nationalists leaving the BFP, one being John Savage, someone who'd be a major asset in any nationalist organisation.Liverpool Lad watching chinkies floating in and out of Morecambe Bay.

  11. Anonymous

    So a bunch of malcontents sitting on the fringe think that they are qualifies to critisise?'Bagel' LOL!!That's not as bad as being slung out of the party Sean? Is it?Or being laughed at as a bitter little malcontent?Or having zero say..or zero impact on ….anything?Pedophillia in the family?Knocking up a jewvenile?It's because you've got soooo much to be proud of Hadley!! A real principled example of white trash, along with your inbred arse-lickers.Try and be relevant Sean….some new ideas instead of trotting out other people's regurgitated crap.

  12. Anonymous

    Griffin Watch, note the Anti-Gri££in Watch arseholes never make constructive comments to save England unless they can get us English nationalists to support, embrace and lick the arses of the actual parasitical bastards who're destroying and robbing England and the indigenous English people – those parasitical bastards being the zionists/jews.Griffin Watch, you've done more than struck raw nerve ends – you've drilled into filthy cancerous jew-bone marrow, exposing the putrifying corruption within – no wonder the the kikes are squealing and blindly lashing out in all directions in the vain hope of maybe hitting a target.Fly On The Wall

  13. Anonymous

    Right enuff sean…and funny how you manage to dismiss my points without anything with substance. In fact the only thing substantial about you is your belly.Nice new post BTW….good to see that you're not rattled…much.

  14. Anonymous

    Scouser… got a job yet?Fucking self-pity City itself!Parasite!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You've always been a treacherous twat, Barnes. I have had a highly skilled apprenticeship-served job since I left school.Unlike you, Lee John Barnes, I've never been out of work: I've never been on the dole: I've never received benefits or financial relief from the State: I've never smoked dope: I've never suffered from depression; I've never had a mental breakdown: I've never been in trouble with the law: I've never taken or claimed a penny I never earned by the sweat of my brow: I've never betrayed my English patriotism: I've never betrayed my fellow English nationalists: I've never made a penny or more out of English nationalism: I've never put the interests of any foreign government before the interests of my country, England: I've never been the puppet of a foreign power.Like your bossom zionist pal, Nicholas Griffin, who deliberately destroyed what could have been the first nationalist British political party to gain a seat in parliament, you are a wandering parasitical jew pissing in and fouling the well of English nationalism. I look forward to the day when English nationalists hold you to account for your well-documented history of treachery and treason.Liverpool Lad (employed) hoping to see the sky fall in on all jews on stolen Palestinian land and on stolen lands elsewhere in the world.

  15. Anonymous

    I've been keeping a beady eye on that shifty bastard for years, as he wormed his way up Gri££in's arse and weaved himself into the fabric of English nationalism then, in typical jew fashion, began causing dissention within the BNP, most notable of all was sucking Gri££in's arse to form a `Friends of Israel' caucus within the heart of the BNP. Oh, yeah, I certainly know him, in fact better than he knows himself.Liverpool Lad watching LJB beating himself up in frustration.

  16. Anonymous

    The difference between you and me, Barnes, is I create and you destroy. All your bravado, cocky words and semantics will never mask your treachery nor hide your support of zionism and israhell.If you've got a grain of sense you'll stick your semetic snout elsewhere because it's not wanted nor appreciated snuffling around on this site, deliberately causing distractions.

  17. Anonymous

    Dirt Kleenex and empty vaseline bottles are what you and your bi-sexual bum chums Gri££in and Brown-Hatter Harrington discard after you've been daisy-chaining together around Patricia's flat, with you smoking skunk shit, Gri££o snorting Columbian sherbet and Patricia munching Reynolds patent scat pies.As to what I make, would impress the hell out of you.Liverpool Lad (fully self-employed) watching a frustrated Barmy Bagel driving himself nuttier.

  18. Anonymous

    Lying Scouser (when has a scouser EVER told the truth)……down the dole office, smoking Crack and sucking on the tit of the taxpayer.Mainly victims of pedophile priests…and loving it!!White Trash doesn't even come close La!!

  19. Anonymous

    Careful Barnsey, you're about to blow a shit gasket in your crappy nappy.As for White trash, such doesn't come within ICBM range of jew trash. Can't say white jew trash because jews are arab as Sinai sand plastered around a Bedouin camel's arsehole.Try getting a proper job instead of being a paid Establishment puppet employed for disrupting successful English nationalist site, such as Gri££in Watch.You did more than your fair share of smearing the reputations of good nationalists, when you were writing behind the scenes for Gri££in's website, C.U.N.T.S..You can sqeal, sqawk and rant all you like, Barnes, but you've been rumbled for the treacherous yiddisha zionist mole you are.Like it or not, you're finished in English nationalism.Liverpool Lad playfully jerking a Loony Jewish Bagel's string.

  20. Anonymous

    sniff – sniff – ?????? – now let me think – it's that odious smell like a jew shithouse door made of wooden fish boxes – Oh – hello – it's you again, Jewliar – I was beginning to wonder if you'd met with a fortunate accident and put us out of your misery.Fly On The Wall

  21. Anonymous

    I thought it was the smell of an old man with a leaky prostate.You still pissing yourself Fly??How's the arsehole? Still puckering after your little 'chat' with your muslim pals?Traitor.

  22. Anonymous

    Jewliar, you've well earned your name jewliar – jews and lies are synonymous as niggers and violent crime are – you personally know I've never had a friend that is muslim or wasn't white – I don't even associate with people who have black, asian, chinky or muslims friends – unlike you, who's favorite organization, the EDL, is a zionist/jew backed and funded rainbow-coloured psuedo-English nationalist dodgy outfit consisting of a motley criminal collection of wiggers, niggers, and tar-brush races of every shade between between black and white, spiced with dashes of various shades of yellow.An afterthought: if you're going to tell a lie, at least try making it believable, you pox-ridden, shagged-out, discarded old slag – by the way, Jewliar, seems there's some `interesting' photos of you now doing the rounds on certain sites – CM is a good nationalist but a shit photographer – no David Bailey he – happy hunting.Fly On The Wall

  23. Anonymous

    jeeeeze, FOTW, she's sure one ugly fat old trout. Didn't think they allowed such pics on porno sites. Does she ride a bike or was she wounded in the war?Steve A. Ex-BNP, Norwich.

  24. Anonymous

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