Shaping the news. Emma West.

White supremacists (White people supporting and protecting their own Ed.) are planning to send donations to Emma West the alleged racist in the ‘My Tram Experience’ YouTube video.

The International Business Times UK discovered a far-right forum which promotes white supremacy  (White support and pride,they just can’t seem to help themselves now can they? Ed.) supporting “white hero” Emma West.
The group are planning to start a defence fund to show their support for the 34-year-old mother from New Addington.
The nationalists have apparently discovered the prison in which she is being held at and have asked guards how they can send her letters of support.

One said after donations were suggested: “Great work – let’s get a fund underway ASAP. Emma West NEEDS to know that she has a truckload of supporters and she needs moral support and financial help.”
Another poster continues: “Given what this woman’s done and is going through, if we don’t rally behind her and support her….then stormfront might as well shut down because this is literally opportunity of a lifetime…we can’t afford to let it pass by…
“Myself, I’m gonna send her a letter and $20….it’s all I can afford…if we all do the same…even $5… she’ll have smiles a’plenty after leaving that Orwellian hellhole of a prison….”
Emma West is due to appear in court on Jan 3 to arrange a date for her Crown court appearance. She was arrested on Nov 29 for a racially aggravated public order offence. 
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6 thoughts on “Shaping the news. Emma West.

  1. Anonymous

    From: Death Threats Mean 'My Tram Experience' Emma West to Spend Christmas in Prison Link "White nationalists are attempting to send West donations in a shocking twist" To report problems or to leave feedback about this Emma West: White Supremacists to Send Donations article, e-mail Jamie Lewis: To contact the editor, e-mail: Now please remember to be polite!

  2. Anonymous

    11.28 It's a pity your parents were allowed to spawn you. Please have a close encounter with one of the enrichers you so admire soon and may it be a good, lasting and hopefully final one. Alternatively, just drop dead any time soon before Christmas.

  3. Anonymous

    CHeeta ranted ….. "Fuck Emma West, the stupid racist bitch. The only pity is that scum like her are allowed to breed ….. oooooh, oooooh, oooooh, ooooooh"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Fuck off you black-arsed baboon – get back up into the trees – who gave you written permission to make monkey noises in White Man's territory?

  4. Anonymous

    CH and her comments are so, so predictable that they have gone beyond comical to being utterly commonplace and boring! You just know you are dealing with some one with an IQ of 69 (read THE BELL CURVE.) You just know the person has a God problem and is 'a hater and a loser and is despicable' as Black Pastor Manning calls Black people. See ATLAHMINISTRIES.ORG..BLACKS ARE DESPICABLE. They have a 'Gotta Get Whitey' mentality and they think they have "got" Emma West and shut her up! They would not even know how to define RACIST because they are so full of jealousy and rage at the Europeans because Blacks are not as clever and know it…despite all the financial help from the Marxist politicians. See SCHILLER INSTITUTE THE NEW DARK AGE to see why politicians want this multiculturalism and how they use immigrants to destroy national sovereignty. The pitiful thing is that the Dumbies actually believe that they will end up with our 'stuff' and status. They don't realise that a united response with Whites was their only hope and now they "are doomed..cursed" as Pastor Manning said. We now only have the time to support our families (tell them to only associate with Whites) and to support other persecuted White people, including Emma West.


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