Will "Napper Hawkins" be imprisoned for racial hatred of whites?

Let’s turn it around shall we?
If “Cracker Hadley” was to post thusly:

****ing niggers. If only there were no black people.

Imagine it. No coons. Everyone safe from rape. T’would be paradise. We’d be exploring space (dumb shit, we have been exploring space for years. Ed.) and evolved past the need for our physical bodies (nutcase Ed.) if it just wasn’t for those goddamn jigaboos ruining absolutely everything.

I hate black people. 

The Establishment (sic) would be breaking their backs for a prosecution, now wouldn’t they?

Of course there will be no arrest or prosecution of the above self confessed white hater.
I could spend days posting similiar and worse comments that can be found on the net but why should I bother.
We all know that only “Whites” can be haters in this twisted world.

So we are told anyway.

3 thoughts on “Will "Napper Hawkins" be imprisoned for racial hatred of whites?

  1. Anonymous

    Fucking wogs – put a pair of shoes on their feet and they think they're educated and leading the world in technology – if it hadn't been for the White Man, coons would be still selling-off each other to arab slavers, and fighting, robbing, raping, killing and eating each other.Until the White Man went to Africa wogs had no written language and no concept whatsoever of numbers – nor fractional descriptions for conveying informaton e.i.: before the advent of White Men appearing in Africa, if a coon saw a monkey hiding half-way or a quarter-way up a tree some way off, other than vaguely indicating there was a monkey in said tree, he was unable to indicate to anyone, how far, proportionately, the monkey was up the tree, or whether the monkey was on the left or right side.As for Crapper Hawkins, the quicker a true nationalist goverment gets in, the quicker his black arse will get deported to whence his morally fucked-up race originated.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    I have said it before and i will keep saying it-the most succesfull militant nationalist group in western history (the armed forces chiefs admit this) are the IRA, thet took the fight to the ZOG British establishment-a hard long fight for 30 years,until ZOG had to sit down and listento them.I dont condone some of the things the IRA did, but as an example in the art of anti-goverment armed struggle they are pretty good! so when are the native British people going to start their armed struggle,i have been waiting for years for something to "kick off", but it just keeps getting longer and longer.Maybe in the not too distant future the Irish will show us how its done again? they seem to be getting a problem with foreigners in Ireland. Please wake up white British before it is too late!


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