1. Anonymous

    Just found this interesting aticle posted by Hepworth last night over on the BDF.I had the same yougov survey sent aswell and found it somewhat strange from the usual stuff they send. I'm a member of the Yougov website where I get periodical questionnaires. I make plain on the political questionnaires that i'm right wing. Last week I filled in a poll that seemed very dubious and loaded. Just some of the questions. would you take up arms against the government? Do you support the BNP/EDL? How do you rate Nick Griffin? (I told the truth). Do you dislike Muslims? Would you support revolution? Have you a gun licence? Do you blame Jews? And many more loaded questions, But the most telling one was…. (Have you served in the armed forces)? I know of one fellow patriot who's received this questionnaire and I'd be interested to hear of more. Are "they" compiling a hit list? What else would prompt these questions… The BIG question has to be-Who would commision this poll???

  2. Anonymous

    Do not kid yourself that any form of revolt will work because our ruling elite have spent years disarming both the civilian and British military population.The police have been progressively changed so as to contain more pliable lefty types who would happily crack the heads of those who oppose the advent of the new Jerusalem planned for Britain.The best we can hope for is to take one with us before they wipe us out,just remember that the gang with the most guns doesn't always win as the Yanks found out in Vietnam!

  3. GriffinWatch

    "Anonymous said… Too tight to pay for the full version of your Virus Protector Sean? How very umm…Jewish of you. 29 November 2011 08:33"Well….. I've never been likened to a Jew before.Thankfully. 🙂

  4. Anonymous

    The BIG question has to be-Who would commission this poll???~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Most likely the security services – letting them know:* You hate muslims.* You Blame the jews for whatever.* You support revolution.* You support the BNP/EDL* You were in the armed services.* You're willing to take up arms.* You have a gun license.* You're willing to use arms against the government.is the quickest surefire way to getting your gun license or firearm certificate revoked and your sporting guns confiscated by the Old Bill – and it won't be Old Bill wearing bicycle-clips and riding rainbow-coloured BMX bikes that'll be turning up – it'll be dozens of Old Bill backed-up by trigger-happy brainwashed rapid response armed goons itching to blast the first stiff twitching an arse-hair or tearing-off a fart.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    NEWSFLASH – ANOTHER GRI££IN WATCH FIRST – HIGHLY SENSITIVE INFORMATION EXPOSING THE RANK HYPOCRISY OF THE VERMINOUS WESTMINSTER CESSPIT-SCUM SUCKING RATS ARMING THEMSELVES WITH HANDGUNS FOR DEFENDING THEMSELVES, WHILE TRYING TO DISARM LAW-ABIDING ENGLISH PEOPLE OF THEIR SPORTING GUNS AND RIFLES.It's been confirmed that New Delhi-born Paddy Ashdown, former Lib-dem party leader, ex-MP, sometime long-term shagger of his secretary Patricia Howard, former Special Boat Service operative, former MI6 operative, self-promoting Establishment arse-licker for the UN and NATO, dodgy court witness against the Serbian patriot Slobodan Milošević (you get the general picture – the man's a complete arsehole), is licensed to carry a handgun for self-defense, and carries a pistol in a concealed holster under his left armpit, at all times when in public.Though the gutless self-enriching jewboy Sebastian Coe/Cohen was a former president of the National Pistol Association (at the same time he was the Tory MP for Falmouth) Coe was a useless shot at best. Because the punjabi-jew mongrel Coe resigned his NRA presidency and went into hiding to avoid supporting the pistol shooters after the Dunblane massacre, the shooting fraternity in Coe's Falmouth constituency organised and ignominiously booted the yellow-backed bastard out of the Falmouth ward at the 1997 General Election. It's now been confirmed that Paddy Ashdown arranged for jewboy Coe to spend several weeks at SAS headquarters, Hereford, being coached by SAS weapons instructors, in the use of hanguns. Since being coached by the SAS, kike Coe is licensed by the Home Office to carry a handgun for self-defense, which, like Asdown, he carries a pistol in a concealed holster under his left armpit – AND NOW OFTEN ACTS AS WILLIAM HAGUE'S ARMED BODY GUARD – AND EXPLAINS WHY THE CLOSE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TWO TORY BASTARDS.Fly On The Wall

  6. Dwaynne done Stephen

    I think that my house has been bugged within the last 2 weeks. I have interference on my radio that i have never had before.Funny noises on the phone as well. If this is true, then other Nationalists may have been bugged (car as well). With Europe likely to collapse soon the authorities will be wanting to keep an eye on all heretics. Be careful what you say.

  7. Anonymous

    I have been called paranoid but if i am then it keeps me safe. I am99.9 per cent sure i have been followed/observed, but without sounding big headed i have been able to suss them out. I have my methods which obviously i want to keep to myself but i will tell you a good one if you think you are being followed on foot- quickly turn around and walk up to the spy and ask him/her the time,while all the time staring into their eyes with a big crazy smile, just watch them squirm as they realise you know what they are up to! People may ask why would they spy on me? well i have a history of being a nationalist activist and i was photographed many times by the ZOG police at events/functions.So please remember, dont worry about being called "paranoid" its just being extra carefull in the battle against our traitor ZOG enemies.Vic Dakins temper

  8. Anonymous

    The word 'paranoid' means a heightened sense of awareness left over to us from our stone age days. I was taught in the army that it's best to be paranoid, you will survive longer.

  9. Anonymous

    Vic D, the sage wisdom "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean the bastards ain't out to get you" is on the mark, especially where English nationalists are concerned.Another sage wisdom for nationalists is "Eternal vigilance is the price of survival."By the way, you can buy efficient handheld bug detectors about the size of a 20-pack of cigarettes, from about £20 to about £100 – one of Gri££in's former minders has one he regularly uses for `sweeping' his property and any vehicle he uses – try e-bay.A bit of practical advice – when using a bug detector, switch off all the electricity in the house, by switching-off every individual electrical appliance before pulling the main switch on the fuse-box. Don't forget to unscrew and check every wall socket and light-switch, and your telephone connection box and all telephones. Keep in mind that your telephone can be used as an effective microphone – even when it's switched-off and in its cradle. Check along the full length of your telephone feed line into your home, all the way back to the main distribution pole or where it disappears into the ground or into one of those main-junction street boxes – you'll be looking for a small monitoring-transmitter, about the size of your pinkie's fingernail, clipped-onto the feed-line, without any cuts made to the the feed-line's protective sheath. The M-T will pick-up ALL electrical activity and transmit it to a recorder hidden somewhere usually within 100 yards of the M-T. You can take all those precautions and find nothing – and they'll be bugging your phone line at your local telephone exchange. Also, EVERY phone call is recorded and stored by GCHQ and the American listening station in Yorkshire (?) – man can't have a decent crap these days without some nosey officious bastard wanting to plant a bug in the Jockeys. Lorraine Security Systems in South Audley, spurring off Oxford Street, London, stock a range of bug detectors, but are somewhat expensive.Winkelmann UK Ltd are specialists in surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment – they supply the military and the Old Bill throughout the British Isles .Fly On The Wall


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