Channel 4 now: How the establishment infiltrate movements.

Very relevant to us, the same is done in OUR movement.

18 thoughts on “Channel 4 now: How the establishment infiltrate movements.

  1. Anonymous

    No one i know who knew Darby quite well has ever had any contact from him as to why they left the party even if they were a superb organiser,activist,candidate etc ?

  2. Anonymous

    Wake up to Harrington, the master agent/wrecker in nationalism. How many pics in circulation despite his high profile position? not many. He was? a former member of the communist youth movement in England and utterly destroyed the front and in 6 months he has smashed the BNP. it is time people woke up to the massive elephant in the room PATRICK ANTHONY HARRINGTON FROM GORDON ST EDINBURGH

  3. Anonymous

    We never hear about how the Establishment infiltrates the right, from the media, it's only coverage of the left. A recently published book on the history of MI5 doesn't even reveal the infiltration of the BUF back in the 1930s, why the secrecy?

  4. Anonymous

    Old news but interesting read.The Occidental Observer BlogShort Reports and Comments on Current EventsI’ll begin with the system parties, and move on to the patriotic right…………..Nick Griffin had thought that he might win the Barking (East London) seat from the Labour incumbent, Margaret Hodge, née Oppenheimer, scion of a wealthy Jewish family that fled Germany in the 1930s.In the event, his share of the vote fell from the 16% that the BNP polled in the 2005 election to 14%, and he trailed in third after the Conservative candidate. Hodge was triumphantly re-elected.Griffin’s deputy, the enigmatic Simon Darby (widely known in movement circles as 5IMon because of his alleged role as an agent of our equivalent of the FBI, MI5) failed to take Stoke on Trent Central, another seat that the BNP had high hopes of actually winning. Instead, he came fourth.In a dénouement worthy of the book of Esther, “Haman’s sons”, the twelve BNP councillors on Barking council, all lost their seats in the local elections held on the same day.The party’s strained finances are under investigation by the authorities after it failed its audit last year, while the 2009 accounts are shortly due. Quite why vast sums of money have been sent “over the water” to its strange Northern Ireland based fund-raiser, “the Rev.” Jim Dowson, a bogus evangelist straight out of Elmer Gantry, is one of the many questions that will have to be addressed in those accounts.Whether the party can put its financial affairs in order remains to be seen, and will be a crucial factor in determining whether the BNP continues under its present leadership, or drops its pilot (who won’t go willingly).

  5. Anonymous

    Neil Lyn is Griffins handler.15 November 2011 14:43~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anonymous, I assure Neil Lynn is no such thing – Neil Lynn is a through-and-through true English nationalist who supported Gri££in when Gri££in was studying law at Downing College, Cambridge, and showed no signs of being a traitor. Both Lynn and Gri££in regularly took the fight to the Reds and gave them trouble that even today is too sensitive for publicising.Lynn's loyalty to Gri££in was such that he genuinely believed Gri££in's mishandling of BNP money was down to Gri££in's ineptitude with money, not outright criminal thievery – Neil now accepts the latter to be true.Lynn was an extremely effective BNP organiser who conducted many series of classic misinformation and smearing campaigns against the opposition – one stunt had a Peterborough Labour councilor on the ropes and tearing his hair out for months in the public arena due to a spoof story Lynn hoodwinked all the Peterborough newspapers into printing and kept it going by skulduggery – as an English patriot Neil Lynn is sound – but sometimes erratic in his logic and is definitely paranoid in the extreme about spending an unaccountable penny belonging to his former group, S. Cambs BNP – he also has a pathological detestation for Reds, commies, jigaboos, gypos and homosexuals.At the present time Neil Lynn is running a moderately successful Cambridge pressure group gingering-up Cambridge MPs and county councilors – gander:cambridgepressuregroup.comFly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    Whats this thing with traitors and wangy eyes14 November 2011 21:58~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Because the need 360 degree vision to spot justifiable violent retribution for treachery, coming their way.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    They kept saying how 7 years was long to be undercover, but what about Darby? He had been undercover for 16 years…15 November 2011 09:01~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~16 years ? – that's nothing – Gri££in's been undercover since the latter half of the 1970s, when MI5 received footage of girl-friends, Gri££in, Nicky Crane and Brown-Hatter Harrington playing ring-a-ring-o'roses and leap-bum in a London public bog.

  8. Anonymous

    The BNP are starting to look like and remind me of the caste of Bagpuss.Emily – Claudia DalglishBagpuss – Nick GriffinProfessor Yaffle – Robert WestMadeline Remnant – Donna TreanorGabriel Croaker – Clive JeffersonThe mice – The Walker brothers,Chris Vanns,Ian & Linda Kitche,Gary & Helen BNP VIP gold members.

  9. Anonymous

    And what of EDGAR Griffin? Most of the "facts" known about him are self-released.There is very little available to the public from independant sources.Edgar's listing as a member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers/ A short history of Edgar. note the comment about a training course and compare with his membership of the IEE

  10. Anonymous

    And what of EDGAR Griffin? Most of the "facts" known about him are self-released. There is very little available to the public from independant sources.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Don't expect more from someone who's a British-born jewboy descended from thieving kazarian jew gypos.Fly On The Wall

  11. Anonymous

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