A picture paints a thousand words. E.D.L./B.F.P. = Zionism


8 thoughts on “A picture paints a thousand words. E.D.L./B.F.P. = Zionism

  1. Final Conflict

    Thanks. We had a number of obscene swear-word laden messages and threats (they are deleted: we are a family-first blog).They were almost identical to the obscene and loony messages we used to get from a minority whenever we exposed NG's BNP some years ago.The sock-puppets always seem to defend those who undermine nationalism.

  2. GriffinWatch

    Indeed they do. Bought and paid for or not (I think Griffarage was installed in the BNP by the establishment), he does a tremendous amount of damage to our cause.The reds and traitors will be crying tears as big as October cabbages when we finally free the movement of Griffarage and we are very close to doing that now.

  3. Anonymous

    The one good thing that will come out of the English Defence League movement is starting to happen as you only have to look at the numbers from 12 months ago to now and ask the question "why are the demo's now attracting small numbers all of a sudden ?" The last demo i went to a lot of young and old were pissed off with the constant flying of the Israeli flag and questioned why is called English Defenece League when it flys the flags of other nations ? A lot of people walked away that day i remember one lad from Manchester saying " Its like me going to a local derby wearing City colours but being told i must support and cheer United " These people will be looking for a new home because they have taken to the streets and wont lay down and die while our Country burns !

  4. Anonymous

    A guy I know who's been on many edl marches says its definately imploding I asked the question why do they support zionists, queers,and ethnics except muslims.I pointed out that zionists were behind mass immigration, communism,pornography and the destruction of christian values as I expected he had no answer.But he was given a lot to ponder,he's patriotic just needs pointing in the right direction.

  5. Anonymous

    E…..E….EDL.Fact is that they appeal to the normal bloke in the street.Slag em off as much as you like, but EDL will be app x more acceptable that NF…and you can take that to the bank.

  6. Anonymous

    E…..E….EDL.Fact is that they appeal to the normal bloke in the street.Slag em off as much as you like, but EDL will be app x more acceptable that NF…and you can take that to the bank.15 November 2011 22:48~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~…….. sniff …… sniff …….. sniiiiifffffff…… WTF ??????? ….. smells like a shit-house door made of wooden fish boxes …… Oh …… hello …… it's you again, Jewliar – back for more English nationalist enlightenment? – ok, here goes:Sociologists working independently of each other have arrived at the same conclusion that 95% of "normal blokes in the street" are unthinking brainwashed idiots who'll, chick-like, run to and follow the first pin-prick of light shone in their eyes. Of the many individual EDL members I've spoken to, on a one-to-one basis, not one showed any signs of being capable of intellectual analysis or lucid verbal articulation or taking on board the blinding obvious – and, if not in, most were just a couple of IQ points hovering above `MORON' and `DEADBEAT' stastus – and is why the thick bastards can't figure out that the jews have hi-jacked and are controlling the EDL for their own agenda of countering the rising threat of islam in Britain – the jews don't give a fuck for the White/English race – the irony the jew-flag waving EDL idiots haven't worked out yet, is, the cancerous parasitic jew race is 100% responsible for the recent mass-immigration of muslims/isalmists into Britain.Sleep tight, thick kike.Fly On The Wall


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