12 thoughts on “Lest we forget.

  1. Anonymous

    GW, while what you say is true in the main, we have to start looking at the bigger picture of mass murder being committed by virtual mercenary assassins like the RAF drone pilots operating out of an armchair in Nevada. The same RAF pilots (I am an aged former civilian sky jockey) are in absolutely no danger either, other than from bad luck or Newton's laws of Physics and Gravity and are not to be compared to the Battle of Britain guys and gals. Nor are the Royal Navy equivalent who launch Cruise Missiles from a very safe distance. The only guys who deserve our sympathy and support are those on the ground, be they Army, RN or RAF and they should be supported ONLY to get them the hell out of there where they have no place.

  2. Anonymous

    Least we forget all those who died so that millions of immigrants could come here and take our jobs and houses.———————————–Very ture mate, lets face facts, the armed foces of GB. Work and only work for ZOG or the 1%!

  3. Anonymous

    I remember hearing that Margaret Thatcher was asked why Britain got involved in world war 2, and she said with a completeley straight face that it was to " save the Jews"! Ooohh,right okay then, well if thats the case can anyone ever remember any leader of Israel ever having publicly thanked the British people for sacrificing their loved ones so that the Jews may live? How many war memorials are there in Israel in memory of the British (or anyone else) who gave their lives to save the Jews? Can any one else ever remember any such thanks or know of any memorials dedicated to British or other people who gave their lives so big Jew might live? Or are we just usefull idiot, cannon fodder Goyim, not worth one Jewish fingernail? Is that how big Jew sees us?Vic Dakins temper

  4. Anonymous

    I think the Question as to be asked, if our troops officers, orderd our troops to shoot on a EDL/BNP/NF demo, would they?WE are loyal to them, would there be loyal to us??

  5. Third Positionist

    ANon @ 18:25 – very valid pointAlso – "Least we forget all those who died so that millions of immigrants could come here and take our jobs and houses."And those who died for Operation Israel Shield and other Zionist wars that we should have bugger all to do with.When Blair, Murdoch, Cameron, Brown, and any of the Eurocrat/Rothschild Mason overlords send their kids off to be privates on the front lines, then we can start to respect them!

  6. Anonymous

    GW there's a good article on TRUTHSEEKER by Mike James I think would be worth putting up on your site.Very pertinent comments especially about our "royal family".An old guy who got me involved in nationalism said wars take out the best men, not only are wars making lots of money for these Talmudic jews and furthering their agenda they are effectively removing the strongest amongst us.The cream of white youth has been lost in two great wars. The men who fought on the Somme would not have stood for these jews and communists surely ?My grandad served in the Great War by the 1960's he was a frail old man mass immigration started in earnest just as these men were seeing the last of their days.The sheer hypocracy of seeing people lay wreaths today who have stood by and watched our nation destroyed makes me sick.This monarch is without doubt the worst.I pray for a TRUE Protestant Republic.( free of Satans seeds)Whiteboar


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