The Zionists have now firmly taken over the British Freedom Party (sic).

We have all known for years now that Lee John Barnes is a rabid Zionist ( Despite his online protestations to the contrary):


Now this Paul Weston character is a different kettle of fish altogether, Weston is heavily connected with the the Christian Evangelicals (Read Zionists, their movement has been subverted also) , in the U.S.A.
Paul Weston is more than capable of getting funds from the U.S.A. and is also very very connected to the Black Evangelical churches across the pond.
Weston is known to write articles for the “Gates of Vienna” blog, a rabidly anti-Islam blog that is heavily Zionist influenced. (Have you joined the dots yet?)
Here are some more details of Weston that will open your eyes:


With the B.N.P. under Griffarage about to implode, this represents the next and continuing Zionist attempts at subversion of nationalism in Britain, make no mistake about this my friends, Weston has the connections and the access to cash to be a major problem for nationalism in Britain.

Simon Bennett also runs the E.D.L.’s website operations, so all of the information fits perfectly.
If one is intelligent enough to join the dots.

These people are also indirectly connected to the Zionist nutter Anders Breivik of Norway infamy (white children slaughterer), so these are the types of extremists that you will be making a bed with along with the odious Roberta Moore creature.

AVOID THE BRITISH FREEDOM PARTY (sic) like the plague.

You cannot say that you haven’t been forewarned and remember, you heard it here on GriffinWatch.


19 thoughts on “A WARNING TO ALL NATIONALISTS!!!!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    I notice that Gates of Vienna are talking up the BFP and saying that '…the British electorate need not despair — a ray of hope has just appeared on the horizon. That glimmer of light is known as “British Freedom”'If there were prizes for sycophancy…

  2. GriffinWatch

    Having looked through the links, the Gates of Vienna blog is pure Zionist filth, nothing more nothing less. The laughable attempts to make out the G.O.V. blog as being "white supremascist" are clearly wrong.If you remember they tried to link Anders Breivik with white nationalism which also failed.

  3. GriffinWatch

    Who mentioned Mossad? Not I, have you something to confess Mr. Anonymous?Oh and in case you didn't realise, not all Zionists are Jews, some white traitors are Zionists and so are some blacks.Stick around on the blog, you may learn something about how the world really works. 🙂

  4. GriffinWatch

    It seems like the British Democracy Forum don't want anything to do with these Zionist extremist nutcases either, they have pulled a couple of threads which cover this development. Well with Alan Lake aparently being investigated by the police for his extremist related activities, it's hardly surprising is it.Anyone who gets involved with this shower deserves everything that may come to them.

  5. Nemesis

    Well done to Griffin Watch for highlighting the insidious Zionist sewage that is being pumped from out of the BFP into British nationalism.Barnes has always been a Zionist, only that he realised that after his idiotic efforts to promote his ex-fuhrer Griffin with Jewish and Israeli interests, that he had exposed himself to the full ridicule and contempt of many nationalists, hence his back-pedalling on the issue.If Bagel Barnes and his party hope to attract funding from certain elements then they had better realise that you never sup with the Devil, and only then with a VERY long ladle.Barnes and the BFP = Zionist sell-outs.

  6. Anonymous

    GriffinWatch said…Stick around on the blog, you may learn something about how the world really works. :-)10 November 2011 18:52~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gri££in Watch, the jew bastard knows how the world works but will never admit it because to do so would be an admission that his/her filthy parasitic race is responsible for many international crimes including mass murder, genocide, nation destruction, financial enslavement, wholesale land-grabbing, illegal wars, mass-starvation, to mention just a few serious crimes.Gri££in Watch, you're providing a vital service for the English national cause – well done.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    Talmudic jews murdered at least 100 million of our christian brothers in Russia.Bolshevism springs from the same poisoned well.These people are filth.We will never forget or forgive.Whiteboar

  8. Anonymous

    Gw could do with an expose of these fake nationalists.I've tried to find out about this Moore character she has dodgy Talmudic friends and apparently was born in Brazil.Bagel Barnes should be well known to most nationalists he is definately a strange one i've only been on his website once full of esoteric mumbo jumbo could also like Gr££in have masonic connections. How patriots who supposedly care about our nation and people could possibly involve themselves with a mongrel race like the Khazars (half mongel half turk)is beyond me.The master Plan is the total destruction of the white race and christianity of course Barnes who considers himself very clever knows this.Do we know if he eats pork ?.Whiteboar

  9. GriffinWatch

    Our researchers are looking into this W.B. From reliable info. recieved, this Weston character was a big player in the Tories in the past. He is a very dangerous person (to the movement) and is also masquerading as a nationalist for his own reasons, whatever they may be.


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