Meet Cllr. Angus Matthys.

Well, I’m most certainly not sure what to make of this photo! One must wonder if this is the reason that “Princess” can’t conceive.


7 thoughts on “Meet Cllr. Angus Matthys.

  1. Anonymous

    Now convinced left wing gimps infiltrated the party bigtime.Thats why Denise Garside just vanished off the fanny radar.Job done she is now sunning it up on the Isle of Lesbos.

  2. Anonymous

    That Matthys has got some yid conk on him ! Its like 4 eyes is waiting for the Griffin family gold to fall out his bellend.Actually google former Glasgow boxer Gary Jacobs they look alike and check out Jacobs religion.

  3. Anonymous

    The other idiot is Jonathon McCloskey from Comber, seems a bit too buddy, buddy with the Griffin clan for the locals given the paramilitary allegations from the princess and the trouble this has caused the loyal people of Belfast.

  4. Anonymous

    Let's not beat about the kike bush – both of those fragile fairies are 100% through-and-through blood jews – if Mathhys wasn't Gri££in wouldn't of allowed his bloated gruesome hog of a daughter to marry the seedless jew jaffa – anyway, a shirtlifter putting on headphones wired into a pocket microphone to hear the splash while his bum chum is galloping his maggot must be a first in blazing another homosexual perversion.Fly On The Wall


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