Ineptitude and propaganda from lefty Lowles.

Just a tad behind the times for the harbourers of hate on the left. 


Anyone actually “in the loop” knows that the police have been investigating finanacial issues relating to Griffarage for quite some time now and for them to insinuate that they instigated this current situation is risible.

Griffarage being in this situation is down to one thing and one thing only, that my friends is because WE as decent nationalists are tidying up our own house, so to speak.

Mind you, the truth never gets in the way of leftist attempted propaganda, now does it.

15 thoughts on “Ineptitude and propaganda from lefty Lowles.

  1. Anonymous

    Noitced lately Norfolk unity & Kirkless unity dont blog no more ? Kirkless was a source of information even some of us ex party members couldnt have known about.Even pussy galore denise garside has gone off the raydar with only ketlan tossowski over at lancaster carrying the lefty flame.Does make me wonder now the job is done of destroying the BNP they have all moved on ? makes me wonder even more if griffarge was in bed with this lot all along ?

  2. Anonymous

    EDs came a close 3rd last night in Barnsley St Helens by-election.Danny Cooke (British National Party) – 174Eddie Gouthwaite (Independent) – 21Dave Leech (Labour) – 1,257Kevin Riddiough (English Democrats) – 146Clive Watkinson (Conservative) – 61

  3. Anonymous

    Should Old Bill ever get round to nailing the one-eyed sack of corrupted askanazi jew shit that is Gri££in, they can take no credit for it because it was Gri££in Watch, Northwest Nationalists and GW and NWN who led the way in exposing Gri££in's grand-scale financial fraud and have been trying to boot the Old Bills' useless lazy complacent arseholes into gear – but don't hold your breath to see any movement in said arsehols.Nick Lowles, you fucking infectious pool of stinking marxist diarrhea, don't try claiming any credit for any exposes of Gri££in's financial crimes exposed by natiolnists – and keep your prodding dripping treacherous long jew nose out of the internal politics of British nationalism – and as for HOPE – you keep clinging to it until a nationalist government gets in.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Nick Lowles doesn't happen to be a member of the British First Resistance outfit does he? They seem to use the same, if not far worse Searchlight/Hate not Hope/UAF language when referring to true nationalists and patriots. Words like: scumbag, filth, vile, creature, loony, nazi, nutzi, racist, bigot, hater, crank, extremist. They even refer to Wales BNP as 'thugs' in their articles, comparing them with the UAF and often referring to them as Wales BNP/UAF. There seems to be the same modus operandi at work with British Resistance First/Hate not Hope to immediately, systematically, viciously and irrationally label nationalists and patriots with any or all of these slurs especially from the First British Resistance mob should anyone dare to suggest that their bible thumping fuhrer is only in nationalist politics for the money. One has to seriously wonder if it is in fact all about the money if you set emotions and differences aside and take a long, hard look at the latest appeal regarding the funeral of David Hannam. If only 200 people gave £50 to this 'on the face of it' very worthy cause, that would amount to £10,000. That figure of course could well be a gross underestimate because if 500 people gave £50, that amounts to £25,000. And so on. Where will the extra money donated go? Return to Sender? I don't think so if it were ever possible. That both the British First Resistance and BNP Ideas websites have refused to publish the alternative side of the story, means that this ill-judged appeal has all the makings of a monumental disaster written all over it. Also, the fact that a 'target figure' has not even been mentioned does not bode well. How much did the funeral actually cost? What monies are actually owing assuming something MUST have been paid or at least some money is there? After all, we're not talking about destitute people here amongst his loved ones and so-called loved ones. Ordinary people are dying all the time where money for funerals is tight or non existent but it is somehow found without the need for a national (or world) appeal via the internet. It's totally absurd. How much has been donated to the appeal so far? Can those figures be trusted? David's parents were apparently (which I believe) more than prepared to pay all the costs had they been delivered of their Son's/Stepson's body. Instead, we now have this sorry saga. If nationalism is to put its financial house in order post Griffin's BNP, we are not going to get very far with ill-judged and dubious appeals like this where only the sky is the limit.

  5. Anonymous

    If funeral donations are pouring in at the rate I suspect they are, there'll be enough money to build Dave Hannam a mausoleum the size of the Taj Mahal with money left for everyone to squabble over.Nick, now here's a self-enriching idea Dawson never thought of: create ficticious nationalists and in the VOF (Voice Of Fiction) write imaginary tales of their extraordinary daring-dos in the cause of English nationalism, then have them, one by one, at quarter-year intervals, killed off by Searchlight and UAF thugs, and plaster funeral expenses `DONATION' buttons after every couple of lines on your naff BNP website – shit – donner und blitzen – I should have sold the idea to the Rt. Reverand Dowson.Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    Third Positionist said… Fly on the Wall -I am worried you are getting more and more liberal. Just say what you think! ;-)14 October 2011 23:45~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Third Positionist, know what you mean – I've been off form lately – must be the weather. Regards,Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    They don't just lie about what a parent is either!The End of a MythThere are few times in history when one document has the potential to shatter such a major historical myth and legend as that of the Jewish "Holocaust," the claim that the Germans gassed millions of Jews to death in concentration camps in Poland during the Second World War.The Leuchter Report is one of those rare and most precious documents. Prepared and written by Fred A. Leuchter, a consultant in the United States for the design, construction and maintenance of execution gas chambers, the Report sets out the methodology and findings of the first forensic investigation of the actual sites in Poland where the gassings are alleged to have occurred. Leuchter's conclusion, after inspecting the sites and having samples analyzed by a competent laboratory, taken from the walls and floors for total cyanide content, was unambiguous: the alleged gas chambers could not have been used, then or now, as execution gas chambers. chter/report1/publishers_comments.html


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