Jefferson for the chop?

Word has reached us that Clive’s demise is now imminent, the fantasist (see post below) and Griffarage are about to “pull the rug” from under the current treasurer, so we have been informed.
  As our regular viewers will know, we aren’t usually far off on this blog, with regards to inside information and leaks.

As always, time will tell.


19 thoughts on “Jefferson for the chop?

  1. ex-bnp

    This fucked-up moronic excuse for a dribble of dog shit couldn’t write his own name – this is why scumbag gri££in put him into position – a sycophantic pathetic little zero that used to deal drugs and throw drunks out of pubs. What a hero.

  2. Anonymous

    On the basis that my enemies enemy is my friend i think people should ask themselves WHY does the Dirty Duo want Clive out of the BNP?Anyone completely shit upon by Griffin and Harrington CAN'T BE ALL BAD!

  3. Anonymous

    The party knew that something had to be done after Panorama and I guess Gri££ington must have thought that a high profile casulty was need to regain lost member confidence. Jefferson's eyes tell a story – is he on cocaine or amphetamines ?

  4. Anonymous

    Sad sap Clive is like Master Blaster of Mad Max's Barter World – big, thick as pig-shit pie crust, and used and abused by unscrupulous bastards having one or more brain cells than him – hope Clive has incriminating info on the one-eyed sack of jew shit, Gri££instein, and goes public with it.Fly On The Wall.

  5. Anonymous

    Last Friday Jefferson failed his Biology exam, when asked to name two things commonly found in cells, – apparently "Blacks" and "Paki's" were not the correct answers.Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    Fly On The WallYour a wanker and a coward so FUCK OFF CUNT!!!!!!15 October 2011 22:38~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Who told you to pull your head out of raghead's bum ?PS. it's `you're' – not `your'Fly On The Wall


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