Harrington the fantasist must be feeling left out, here you go Patrice.

Once upon a time, in a country called Britain, there was a political party called the British National Party. In that party there was a new “staff manager” called Pat. Pat controlled the BNP’s staff, who is fired and who is hired.  
The BNP had two employees, one called Arthur and one called Mich.
Arthur, left, was very popular with the members of the BNP. He spent hundreds of man hours driving up and down the country visiting branches and giving speeches which everyone enjoyed, and he helped to recruit many new members into the party. Arthur was recognised as the best speaker in the party.
Arthur was a dedicated nationalist. He had written close to a dozen books on nationalism and European history.

Many activists have said that they become nationalists after reading Arthur’s books. Arthur was dedicated to the cause.
Arthur had also worked ceaselessly to make the BNP’s website the most popular political website in Europe. He had written up to six stories for the BNP’s website every single day for the last three years. Thanks to Arthur, nationalists are always kept up to date with what is happening to our country.
As well as writing stories for the website, Arthur has written many of the BNP’s manifestoes and brochures. He has been a real asset to the party.
Arthur has been a paid up member of the BNP for many years. He is a true grafter for the cause. He is a dedicated nationalist.
The BNP’s other employee was called Mich, left (look at the bondage gear adorning her lovely tshirt). Mich is not a member of the British National Party. She has never lifted a finger for the British National Party.
Mich is not even British. Mich’s showbiz name is “Mich Bondage” and she is a member of a leftwing sado-masochistic punk rock band. She gives performances wearing a tshirt adorned with the words “slut”. She is a disgrace to the decency and British values that the BNP is suppose to represent.
Mich also doesn’t really work for the BNP, she is a full time law student. She does a little bit of pointless “research” for the BNP’s MEPs, but really she sits in a BNP-paid office studying for her law degree.
One day Pat was sitting in his office, pondering the disastrous debt situation of the BNP. He faced a tough choice: fundraising has almost completely dried up, and cut backs were necessary. But who does he sack? Pat sat twiddling his thumbs and sucking his pencil when he had a brain wave!
Pat decided that he would use his position to sack anyone who wasn’t in his own gang, even if that meant that anyone who was an asset to the BNP had to go and his own gang, a bunch of lazy, inept union officials, would remain. “Genius!” Pat thought.
Pat decided that Arthur Kemp must be sacked, despite his tremendous contribution to the party. So Pat used his position to withhold Arthur’s wages.
Arthur wasn’t paid for months and months. Poor Arthur could barely eat, but he continued to speak at branch meetings, he didn’t want to let the BNP members down.
After five months of Pat withholding Arthur’s wages, Arthur had to resign. He didn’t want to, but he knew the game was up. Pat was determined to get rid of him.
Meanwhile, Pat used his position to make sure that his wife, Mich Bondage, was paid EVERY month without fail. In fact, Pat used his position to make sure that his punk rocker American wife (there is some debate about said wifes actual gender in nationalist circles, Mich the man? I wouldn’t like to check.  Ed.) was paid more than any other BNP employee.
And the BNP lived unhappily ever after.
As most time served nationalists will already realise, Patrice is a political failure, a fantasist, an inadequate individual with a history of wreaking destruction upon nationalism, whenever he rears his head. A perfect “bedfellow” for Griffarage one might say.

Check out the link above for more details of this political minnow, it makes interesting reading.
We await one of the fantastists legal letters with baited breath. 😉

8 thoughts on “Harrington the fantasist must be feeling left out, here you go Patrice.

  1. Norwich bunnie

    Patrice is too busy to read your comments GW as he is very busy making threats to practicaly halfe of the nation with court papers , and trying to find a court big enough to fit all of us in.. still waiting for my papers.. must have got lost in the post. He also has a fetish for calling people NEO Nazis .

  2. Anonymous

    Kemp backed Griffin all the way and was his main attack dog in all this. Only when he thought he smelt victory on Brons side and the main thrust of fighting was over did he swap sides.Kemp is a wanker and a backstabbing coward. He's the sort of bloke that would hide under a table when a mass brawl kicked off and only come out after the fighting had stopped and then join the winning side pretending he was in the thick of it.

  3. Anonymous

    Turdtapper Harringtons misses looks just the sort of "woman" who fatty steroid braindead scatman Martin Reynolds would love to do a big crap on his fat moonfaced head, and Griffin would probably love to watch as he jacks himself off!Inspector Blakey"i `ate you Griffin!"


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