The message is getting out.


Again, a big thankyou to all of our researchers, sources, those who help to spread the word and of course our viewers.
The message is getting out, whilst these things take time.

We are getting there.


2 thoughts on “The message is getting out.

  1. Anonymous

    Great stuff. Your blog is getting the credit it deserves. You have exposed the nasty evil truths about that fat pig Griffin, his family and his close associates ie Darby, Jefferson and Harrington.

  2. Anonymous

    The lesson to be learnt from the whole Griffin treachery is:-*We dont need leaders*We dont get involved in elections except to leaflet in targeted wards*We are a movement,no more political parties.*As this article states spread ideas and information.*Organise into cells (as a previous poster has already suggested)*Help each other, only use fellow nationalists for those plumbing,electrical jobs etc,etc.*Build the nationalist "counter culture" beat the Marxists at their own game.*Fight those little battles no matter how small.*Work with non nationalists,for instance we can learn much from the "freeman on the land movement".How many nationalists know about how our Saxon forebears operated allodial land ownership?*Educate yourself then family and friends.*Finally work within English Common Law nationalists are no use in prison.Our day will come.Endurance has to be our watchword.Dont rely on others use your own initiative.Regards, Whiteboar


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