A panicked "Establishment" continues to hide the truth.


“In July 2010, Tony Farrell, the Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police reviewed available evidence for his annual threat assessment against the people of South Yorkshire, England.  He came to the conclusion that it was less likely that the events of 9/11 and 7/7 were al-Qaeda terrorist attacks than ‘false flag’ terrorist operations carried out by the intelligence services of western governments.  As the alleged al-Qaeda attack in London was thought to have been planned in Yorkshire, and his annual threat assessment took into account the local threat from terrorism to the people of South Yorkshire, he reported his concerns to senior officers.  He asked for time to produce a new assessment that included the threat from intelligence services as well as al-Qaeda. 
His commitment to professional standards at South Yorkshire Police that he must ‘not knowingly make any false, misleading or inaccurate written statements’  was reinforced by a religious belief that he ‘must not bear false witness’.  When senior police officers would not give him additional time to revise his threat assessment, he refused to sign off the annual threat assessment on the basis that it would be misleading.
Senior police officers suspended, and later dismissed, Tony Farrell from his job on the grounds of ‘incompatible beliefs’.  At the internal appeal hearing by South Yorkshire Police, the chair stated:  ‘Your views are very sincere and you may be right but it is, I’m afraid, incompatible at the moment with where we are’ (Mr Hiller, Director of Finance, South Yorkshire Police, 2nd September 2010).  Later, at his appeal on 6th October 2010, and again at the Employment Tribunal in September 2011, Mr Littlejoy (chair of the appeal panel) claimed that Tony Farrell’s views were ‘conspiracy theories invented without any evidence’ and that they were ‘outlandish’.
On the 9th September 2011, the Sheffield Employment Tribunal Service upheld the decision of South Yorkshire Police to dismiss Tony for ‘incompatible beliefs’ even though it surfaced in evidence that no police officer, no intelligence analyst, no police manager, and nobody on the appeal panel had checked the evidence that led Tony Farrell to revise his threat assessment.  The Employment Tribunal panel refused to accept written works from Professor Ray Griffin and Dr Rory Ridley-Duff to rebut Mr Littlejoy’s claims that Tony Farrell’s ‘outlandish’ views had no evidence base.
This petition invites citizens, residents, workers and visitors to the UK to make an official complaint against the police service and employment tribunal service on the basis that this employment tribunal decision will affect them.  At the employment tribunal , the Head of HR at South Yorkshire Police (Stephanie Barker) answered the question “are you saying that any person holding those views in South Yorkshire Police would not be able to work for them?”.  She stated “Yes, that is the case.”  (Statement based on the verbatim notes taken by a researcher). Therefore, not only is it the official policy of South Yorkshire Police to dismiss any person who questions the government account of the terrorist threat, the Employment Tribunal Service supports their decision to dismiss people on these grounds.  In effect, the police service have a legally sanctioned right to dismiss staff and officers who question the truthfulness of the government’s account of the events of 7/7 or 9/11.
As a result, any person involved in legal proceedings on account of their beliefs on 7/7 and 9/11 cannot expect an independent, impartial investigation by the police service in either civil or criminal cases.  All police staff who might be inclined to conduct impartial investigations into matters related to 7/7 or 9/11 will now fear dismissal.  No member of the public who surfaces evidence of criminal activity related to 7/7 or 9/11 will be able to go to the police for an independent investigation because any line of enquiry that questions the official account will be immediately shut down.
Furthermore, the tribunal decision allows any employer to dismiss staff who question the government version of events related to 7/7 and 9/11 through their work on the basis that such beliefs are ‘incompatible’ with those of their employer.  All working people in the United Kingdom are now at risk if they discuss government involvement in the events of 7/7 or 9/11 within the context of their work.  No employee can expect fair treatment from the Employment Tribunal Service if their employer claims that questioning 7/7 and 9/11 is ‘incompatible’ with their work.
The signatories to this petition believe there can be no place in the Police Service or Employment Tribunal Service for people who reach conclusions in their professional work without properly considering the quality and quantity of evidence available, or who show contempt for employees – like Tony Farrell – whose work depends on the integrity of their commitment to establishing the truth.
Therefore, this petition has two aims:
1)      T o build public support for the reinstatement of Tony Farrell to his position of Principal Intelligence Analyst so that he can complete his work on revising the threat assessment against the people of South Yorkshire based on a full appraisal of currently available intelligence.
2)      To build public support for an investigation into the failure of South Yorkshire Police and the Employment Tribunal Service to fully consider Tony Farrell’s evidence before confirming his dismissal.
Signing this petition will trigger a formal complaint to Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Employment Tribunal Service.
If you support the aims, please sign this petition if you are (or planning to become) a citizen, resident or visitor to the United Kingdom. 
If you live outside the UK, please publicise the summation to Tony Farrell’s employment tribunal and contribute to the Tony Farrell Appeal Fund (http://www.richplanet.net/tonyfarrell.php).”



11 thoughts on “A panicked "Establishment" continues to hide the truth.

  1. Anonymous

    What surprises me is that people are still surprised by this type of behaviour!Our country has already passed round the first part of the U-bend on our way to meet the future,we should not be surprised at the amount of crap we encounter on the journey.Most of our people voted them into power or were too lazy to vote them out!

  2. Anonymous

    David Icke…..another example of a nutcase seeing conspiracies everywhere. I guess that some people need to challenge everything to somehow validate their existance.Thousands of 'far higher placed', and far more knowledgable people accept the truth…but all you csn do is hold up some civvy from yorkshire as an all-knowing example. Hilarious and epic FAIL

  3. Anonymous

    GriffinWatch said…. You will be telling me next that "Operation Gladio" never happened and that "Operation Northwoods" wasn't put forward for consideration………~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gri££in Watch, even to this day armed GLADIO operatives are still in post, on standby, for incountry national emergencies such as a complete breakdown of law and order, wholesale revolution against an encumbent pro-NATO/UN/EU government, etc.Anonymous 26 September 2011 17:10, you should do your homework, in depth, on politics, nationalism and zionism, if you want to learn how this world ticks and the real dangers for those wanting to liberate their country/homeland from the shackles of jew usery and jew control.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Comments seen today on Mail Online, in response to article, `Migration boom DID drive down wages and living standards, admits Labour.' – guess which one was deleted as it was being buried under a blizzard of green arrows.Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper admitted: ‘We did get things wrong on immigration. To the indoctrinated and weak minded Labour supporters that's an apology to them. To the rest of us what they really mean is we got it wrong because we didn't get enough of them into the UK in the time we had to bribe them to vote for us in our grab for perpetual power. – muzza, Stevenage, 26/9/2011 15:00Click to rate Rating 13Report abuseGive job Bulgarian, give visa, work hard, very very cheap, Bulgarian want live in England – Agakora, Sofia, Bulgaria, 26/9/2011 9:51 ——– … we're full … ***k off …- Peter Gun, Little Paxton, 26/9/2011 14:58Click to rate Rating 14Report abuseRather than gradually admitting faults, would it not be easier for Labour to provide a list of what they got right?- Haarek, Surrey, 26/9/2011 14:57

  5. Third Positionist

    GW – great article, and sahameful to this like NG who used 7/7 and similar for his own money-making operation.But please! use a smaller font so it can be easily read and digested.i know it may seem a minor issue, but good presentation makes the difference between more people reading it.

  6. Anonymous

    I am glad there some more nationalist out there who question the official version of 9/11 and 7/7 and don't just seize upon it as useful propaganda for the BNP's Islam bashing narrative. Don't get me wrong. I oppose the influence and presence of Islam in the UK and yes of course it is incompatible with western culture. However, Nationalists must always be both purveyors and seekers of truth, even if that truth is somewhat inconvenient to a line of propaganda. It has disturbed me that certain lines of argument I have attempted to post on articles on the BNP website have been censored over the years (I have long since ceased to bother posting at all now). Rothschild Zionism is indeed our primary enemy. It is sickening that under Griffin, the BNP re-positioned itself to a pro-Zionist stance. Rothschild Zionism is a threat to ALL nations of the world , not just Britain.


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