4 thoughts on “London prepares for the Olympic games. 2012.

  1. Anonymous

    The 2012 London Olympics will be the same as any day of the week in Notting Hill – at the soung of a gunshot a bunch of niggers will be on their toes legging for their lives.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    What is really going on in Libya ?I think the fact that nothing is really being reported in our media gives credence to what IS being reported in other world media like this from Russia. There are reports that in recent days, NATO-backed Terrorist forces have been repelled in Bani Walid and Sirt – and that over a thousand terrorist elements have been liquidated (pending confirmation). There are reports that two NATO helicopters have been brought down over Sabah and that all the NATO mercenaries inside were destroyed. A group of terrorists heading towards Bani Walid to terrorise its citizens was intercepted by the Alassabaa tribe and 35 of these elements were destroyed.A ratfight (fight among terrorist groups) took place in Tripoli, today leaving 30 of this scourge dead.There are reports that 35 British SAS operationals were liquidated in a successful defence against this illegal aggression by the Libyan Armed Forces and in Abu Saleem district at the weekend, 7 British special force elements were destroyed. On Tuesday, a large number of terrorist forces were liquidated by the members of the Al Magarra tribe south of Tripoli as they headed south. In Ghadamis, there are reports of two French special forces captured.On the eastern front, 50 terrorists who tried to enter al-Brega were eliminated. The manipulated and biased press are saying nothing of NATO war crimes, violations of the UNSC Resolutions or the fact that the NATO/terrorist forces control around 30% of Libyan territory, at most.On the legal front, David Cameron and William Hague have been aiding and abetting the LIFG (Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) group inside Libya which is proscribed on the FCO lists as a terrorist group. Therefore under the UK's own Terrorism Acts (2006), surely a crime has been committed by the British Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary?The biased media has said nothing of NATO's continued war crimes and breaches of the Geneva Conventions, strafing civilians with helicopters, taking sides in an internal conflict, violation of the terms of the UNSC Resolution, attacking civilian structures and supplies with military hardware………………………………

  3. Anonymous

    ……….Is this credible? The present deathly silence from our own media gives it the ring of truth.But if so – where are the British body bags as they bring our dead soldiers home?Has Libya become an ungovernable terrorist controlled state? What else is going on behind our backs? What is Britain's real involvement, both in the fighting and the money supply? Did they (er … well we actually!!!!) really steal Libyan gold deposited trustingly in banks all over the world – just to give some of it to apparently help (bribe?) Al-Qaeda terrorists take over Tripoli? It makes one fully understand the desire of South American countries who now want to physically take their gold out of British and American banks ASAP.So many questions!

  4. Anonymous

    A reliable source within the British military alleged, just before or when the Libyan criminals began agitating, that at least 1000 British troops were secretly flown to Kenya to train and ready themselves to assist those criminals (peruse my comment report on this allegation I posted on Gri££in Watch around the time the NATO/UN/British/French/Italian/American zionist-jew shit hit the Libyan fan) – the allegation can't be dismissed because it tallies with now emerging allegations/revelations that 1000 British troops are in fact helping the Libyan criminals at this moment, and that the British mainstream media, at the behest of zionist jewboy Camoron/ZOG Tory-Liberal-bumbandits-perverts & paedophiles, are not reporting those facts – which are being openly reported by foreign news outlets.Coke-sniffing clown Camoron lied to the British people when he told them there was not going to be British boots on Libyan soil – mind you, the pasty-faced Bullingdon Bastard could be telling the truth for once – that British soldiers are seriously under-equiped those 1000 British troops seconded for the pillaging of Libyan oil, are all probably wearing `Ho Chi Minh Thousand-Miler' sandals made from Mongolian lorry tires – Clark Shoes and Niki Sports footwear directors and investors, eat your hearts out. In one of the earliest news footage taken at the beginning of the Libyan criminals' agitation is shown so-called roving reporter/journalist John Simpson accompanying the armed criminal scum – Simpson was not of interest but what was, was an armed guy whose unmasked face the BBC blurred to hide his identity while none of the armed criminals' faces were blurred – by his appearance, movements and demeanor the guy with the blurred face was obviously John Simpson's SAS minder – don't forget, about the same time eight SAS were caught with enough explosives to bring down a city block, so presumably they were on a `Kill Gadhaffi' murder mission at the behest of Dave `Columbian Cold' Camoron.John Simpson's full sirname is FIDLER-SIMPSON – I kid you not – FIDLER being most appropriate because the self-inflated posing Cambridge-educated commie cunt tried portraying himself as the big brave reporter who was nearly killed when a thick-as-shit trigger-happy yank (what yank military flier isn't ?) dropped a 500 pounder and blasted several lead vehicles of a friendly convoy (no surprise and nothing new there) heading south into Iraq. Simpson, who was sitting in a vehicle at the backend of the convoy when Yankee-Doodle Dumb Nuts dropped the 500 pound egg, had himself filmed hamming it up by staggering around with one of his trouser legs missing below his knee, pretending the missing lower trouser leg had been blown off by the bomb blast – this is the joke, there was not a scratch on his bare leg (if there was, a microscope was needed for finding it) and the edge of the remaining damaged trouser leg cloth couldn't have been cut neater or straighter by the world-renown bespoke Saville Row tailors, Gieves & Hawkes.Whenever Simpson visits his Alma Mater in Cambridge, he has a habit of walking in the middle of roads prohibited to vehicles, branching out from Cambridge city center market square, pretending to stop for some bogus reason such as fumbling in his pockets for some item or gazing at a shop window, while he serruptitiously eyes the crowd to see if passersby recognise the big cunt – which he physically and metaphorically is.Not for nothing is Cambridge known as `Red City' – it turns out more dangerous treacherous commie scum than any other British university town or city – Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean, Kim Philby, Anthony Bummer Blunt, John Cairncross, to name a few – then there is the one-eyed sack of treacherous Cambridge-educated MI5/zionist-jew shit, Nick Gri££in, who scrapped through with the lowest marks for a pass – Gri££in's Alma Mater, being Downing College the prime recruiting ground for MI5.Fly On The Wall


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