Yet another desperate money raising scam?

We here at G.W. are fully supportive of our brave forces members who are so used/abused by our so-called Government.
We are very worried by the similiarities of this new group to ABEX.
(google ABEX BNP)


6 thoughts on “Yet another desperate money raising scam?

  1. floda

    Fact Neither Adam Walker or Peter Malloy give a hoot regarding veterans, it is with out doubt a money making scam, it is also advertised ON The BNP SITE , WHICH SAYS IT ALL, ITS GARBAGE AND SHOIULD BE INVESTIGATED AND SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN.Both of these idiots were banned from a charity in Scotland that supported home less veterans, and veterans with problems, they were sent there by Griffin simply to obtain publicity for the BNP site , the founder of the charity was disgusted with both of them , Pete malloy talked about his book and even left a copy , to which it was offered to someone that declined and hence it endup up in the right place.. binned. No veterean should be charged a memebership..havent they given enough..membership should be free as others have given so much free time and funds to help veterans in the past and to date… its A SCAM

  2. Anonymous

    It is a scam just like ABEX that started up then flopped. On Griffin's order Michaela got it up and running again to make more money for him. Why hasn't ABEX been investigated and where did the money go. If I recall Peter Mullins was also very involved in this and started to call himself Squadron Leader Mullins. In fact Griffin used to introduce Peter Mullins as Squadron Leader Mullins at meetings. Prior to that he was only Peter Mullins.


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