Golly gosh, the crime of the century has been exposed in Suffolk!!!!!!!!

What is this heinous crime I hear you ask yourself? 
A serial killer captured?
A dirty bomb found in the Israeli embassy? 
Bliar charged with provable war crimes?

No it’s far more serious than any of the above.

It’s the great Granny Golly caper:

“Neighbours row over golliwog in the window

A grandmother has been charged with racially aggravated harassment after she allegedly displayed a golliwog doll in her window following a row with a neighbour.

7:04AM BST 07 Sep 2011


Jena Mason, 65, is accused of placing the controversial black doll on her window sill following an argument with her neighbour Stephen O’Donnell.

Mr O’Donnell made a complaint to police after his wife Rosemarie, who is Jamaican, and their mixed race children were offended by her actions.

He said: “I am pleased the police are taking this seriously.

“My family have found the whole thing quite dreadful. Often these things can get out of control and our objective is to put an absolute stop to it.”

Mr O’Donnell, who lives in a £1.2m converted barn, called police to the road he shares with Mrs Mason in Worlingham, near Beccles, Suffolk, following the incident on Sunday, August 7.

Mrs Mason was arrested and has now been charged with racially aggravated harassment, which is an offence under section 28 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

Speaking at the time the complaint was made Jena Mason claimed she was not racist and that the incident was a “misunderstanding”.

She said: “I was completely and utterly surprised. For me to be accused of this is silly. It must be a misunderstanding.”

Mrs Mason apparently claimed she believed the doll had been innocently put in the ground floor window of the 16th century home along with other toys by a child to get them out of the way of a family dog.

It is believed that the neighbours have had a long-running disagreement over plans by Mrs Mason and her husband, Terry, 71, to build new stables on their land.

It is alleged that the golliwog appeared in the window days after the local council granted planning permission.

The golliwog began as a children’s book character in the late 19th century before being reproduced as a toy.

Its controversial caricature image, with black skin, white-rimmed eyes, clown lips and frizzy hair, is considered by many to be racially offensive.

Jam manufacturer Robertson’s withdrew its golliwog mascot from television advertising in 1988 and dropped it from all its marketing by 2002.

A Suffolk police spokesman said: “Police were contacted just after 7.10pm on August 7 by a member of the public who reported that following a dispute between her family and parties at the address a toy had appeared in the window of a property and she considered this to be racially offensive.

“A 65-year-old woman was arrested and later released on police bail. She has now been charged with racially aggravated harassment.

“The charge relates to the display of writing, signs or other visible representations, which are threatening, abusive or insulting, within the hearing or sight of a person likely to be caused harassment, alarm or distress.”

Mrs Mason is due to appear at Lowestoft Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday”


 In an exclusive interview with the GriffinWatch team Mr G. Wog said:

“I just jumped off the jam jar label and hopped onto the windowsill for a quick peak out of the window, the next thing I saw was a police armed responce unit parked outside and six burly coppers smashing the front door in. Innit”

(I made that last bit up actually, everyone knows that Golliwogs can’t speak English)


19 thoughts on “Golly gosh, the crime of the century has been exposed in Suffolk!!!!!!!!

  1. Richard Chadfield

    The British Prime Minister and his Colleagues can send the British military to Libya where they kill coloured people and thats ok but put a golliwog in your window and you will be arrested for insulting colored people. Is the government schizophrenic? Ah I forgot –when coloured people in Libya are killed they are really being protected. it responsibility to protect. So alls ok then.Richard Chadfield

  2. Anonymous

    I pissed myself laughing last night watching the news headlines about Gaddafi possibly heading for a neighbouring country and thought this will be intersting when the news reader comes to read out that neighbouring country.As he got close to the word he seemed to stumble and instead of saying NIGER he said NIJER ? Ive put a complaint into the said news channel as the reporter obviously cant pronounce his words and hope he can get it right in future that its called NIGER yes NIGER not NIJER but NIGER !

  3. Anonymous

    Jimbo has stolen the BNP membership list as i am receiving Britain First emails from them on an email address only used and given to the BNP! Anything i can do regarding data-protection?

  4. Anonymous

    Butler is stating that Griffarge has been up to Scotland on a special trip.For those who still hold a candle for the BNP I can announce some terrific news. An elderly BNP member from Kilmarnock in Ayrshire (this is in Scotland for those of a more Anglo-centric view) decided to donate £20,000 to the party in July.I don’t exactly know why the receipt of this magnificent donation hasn’t been publicly announced. After all it will of course be appearing in the quarterly submission of donations that has to be presented to the Electoral Commission. Won’t it?It couldn’t go astray. Could it?

  5. Porksword

    The donation of £20,000 received in the 3rd quarter would not be due to be declared to the commission till after the end of this month. He must be mad to donate that now, it could not possibly make any difference and would be swallowed up immediately and not a penny would be spent on campaigning/promoting the party. Interesting to note the court seized just that ammount held on account by a solicitor in Simon Darbys name recently.

  6. Anonymous

    @ Anonymous said…"Jimbo has stolen the BNP membership list"Yes ring up Griffin & complain that the list was made public. ;-)8 September 2011 01:32My email was not part of the list leaked online at any point!

  7. Anonymous

    You have to laugh at Griffarge.This was what he tweeted yesterday :Bonnie Greer back on Question Time yet again. In fact not a single ethnic Englishman on tonight.You had your chance you fat one eyed charlatan and blew it! You gave into her as your expressions turned to jelly whilst your glass eye kept glaring off the camera you fat piece of pikeys waste.

  8. Anonymous

    RE Question Time. i think state asset fatty Griffinstein had all intentions of putting up a crap performance thats what goverment plants do.I hope he rots in hell the fat shabas goy turd.Inspector Blakey"i `ate you Griffin!"

  9. Anonymous

    Among other deliberate political screw-ups, the one-eyed sack of Askhanazi shit deliberately made himself look a fool on QT to destroy the BNP's 2010 General Election changes – by the way – why TF is a white girl holding Bonnie Greer's baby ?Fly On The Wall


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