B.N.P. National Organiser in court on serious charges.



19 thoughts on “B.N.P. National Organiser in court on serious charges.

  1. Anonymous

    Total crap,Adam Walker is not only an experienced school teacher but a highly skilled Karate Black Belt.So the notion that a man with his experience would even CARRY a knife is ludicrous beyond all comprehension,a man who can kill you stone dead with his bare hands and kick your head in while YOU are standing up doesn't wander around a village fete tooled up like some gutless hoody!These little squirts have been told off and simply made up this rubbish to get even because the present "crop"of kids simply can't grasp the concept of being told off for being a bloody pain,they expect everyone to cower in fear at the thought of showing them "disrespect"!

  2. Anonymous

    "Total crap,Adam Walker is not only…" What are you talking about? Filth Walker and his scumbag brother are totally out of control, we must boot these two vermin out of the movement, they are only in it for the money like their evil master Gri££in.

  3. GriffinWatch

    For a "supposed martial artist" Walker displays no honour at all, in anything that he does. That's the truth of the matter.I'm a white nationalist truthseeker and highlight the infiltrators/hangers on, like Walker.

  4. Anonymous

    No matter what view people take of his behaviour as a Nationalist that should not blind us to the very real possibility that in this instance he IS telling the truth and the kids are trying to stick it to him because he failed to show the level of dog like submission that our society has persuaded kids they are entitled to from all adults.

  5. Porksword

    The guy is unstable thats all there is to it. Nearly every party event I have been to, conferences RWB etc, there has always been some kind if incident involving the Walker Brothers. Usually through drink. From the twos up shagging in the toilets at Blackpool conference,to fighting at RWB. Innocent until proven guilty I know. However this is entirely in keeping with his track record.

  6. Anonymous

    First time i met the Walker brothers was walking back from a pub at RWB in Heanor/Denby.They were driving all round the site telling people they were lost ! FFS there were loads of nationalists sat outside various pubs who had gone off site on the saturday why didnt they just stop at one of the pubs to ask directions ?

  7. Anonymous

    NEWSFLASH – though at least one national newspaper, the Daily Wail, reluctantly reported a singular incident of a niggeroid raping a 15-year old girl, a reliable source within the MSM alleges that in fact there was a series of rapes committed by niggeroid gangs during their latest rioting and pillaging, however the source alledges the Tory-Lib-dem government have pressured the newspapers into not reporting these black rape crimes – and that the newspapers are under the political cosh over the MSM hacking scandal, the newspapers are complying with the Tory-Lib-dem request. As a matter of elitist left-wing Common Purpose marxist treachery, the BBC and the Gruniad had already adopted the policy of pretending wholesale gang raping of white women and under-age white girls by blacks just does not exist in Britain.Remember – you first heard/read it on GRI££IN WATCH – not in the jew-owned-and-controlled mainstream media. Fly On The Wall

  8. Anonymous

    Haha. BNP and EDL bunch of rapists, pedos, criminals, thieves..and oh look at this hard man trying to harm little kids..come and fight a man and we'l see how your karate helps P U N K.

  9. GriffinWatch

    There are "wronguns" in every movement/organisation, that is human nature unfortunately.Part of our mission here at G.W. is to expose the wronguns in nationalism and ultimately to have them removed.

  10. Anonymous

    BNP have nothing left. Just like the national front and combat 18 they were forgotten and pisssed on. Now BNP, NF's and Combat 18 go and form EDL..Well come along..society will ignore and piss on you again you benefit munching worthless shits.

  11. Anonymous

    A chip! sounds more like a 5kg bag of potatoes to me. He is probably describing himself after being called a benefit munching worthless shit by others.

  12. Anonymous

    Innocent or not, no one has asked why he refused to enter a plea? And if its trumped up charges, the BNP web-site would have been squealing all about it. They did any other time Walker was arrested. This time a deafening silence on the matter.


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