The real cause of the riots. A re-post.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The real cause of the riots? It’s the black mentality.

The feral black youths and their “wigger” followers that infest our cities/towns are the problem, make no mistake about that.

The young black culture is a direct result of many things, their fathers absenteeism, their gang culture, their “rap music” that encourages them to hate/kill “whitey” and to target the police as the enemy.
The Bell Curve also factors in.

Most of all political correctness, as promoted by the LibLabContrick must bare the brunt of the blame, the massive chip that is on the “collective black shoulder” is a direct consequence of this nefarious political correctness.

Only when the blacks and their leaders, correct/understand their own “backward natural instincts” and attempt to become more human and the “Establishment” stop enhancing/promoting the black victim status, will things ever change.

If you doubt this post, do your own research, all of the information is available, one only needs to look.


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