If you like our honest articles. Don’t give a penny to Griffarage.


If you like our honest articles here at GriffinWatch, please DON’T DONATE TO THE B.N.P. WHILST GRIFFARAGE IS MISSLEADING THE PARTY.

If you do, griffarage will give your donations to his wife Jackie:

To his useless legal adviser Jane Phillips:

Griffarage has refused to pay the tax office:

Griffarage has refused to pay the “December Rebels”, The Royal Mail, Michaela Mackenzie, the Belfast office workers, Romac Press, Newton Press and many others, aside from the Royal Mail/Tax Office, all are nationalist supporters.

9 thoughts on “If you like our honest articles. Don’t give a penny to Griffarage.

  1. Anonymous

    The sad thing about all this rioting you only after look in certain comment sections in certain tabloids and see the mentions the BNP are getting.Christmas has come early for the Partridge family (i mean the griffarge family) as some of the general public will turn to the BNP and throw money at the family run business in the way of membership and donations not realising its the greatest ever rock n roll swindle to walk the earth.Its down to us all at GW to do as we do and make them aware that Griffin is a modern day FAGIN nothing more nothing less.

  2. Anonymous

    The griffin family empire is onwards and upwards :nickgriffinmepNick Griffin MEP 5 new members signed up in one ward in Bexley this afternoon as 2 activists knock to sign up postal voters.

  3. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, a while back you put one of Amertican black preacher James David Manning's videos on this site – that J.D. Manning revealed and told the unvarnished truth about his race's inbred criminality, I suggest this is the right time to reintroduce one or more of his videos so those left-wing lilly-frail Lib-Dem homo-hugging bastards, treacherous tory scum ministers, marxist-leninists and their moron devotees know the truth about the nigger race, from the mouth of probably the most honest black man alive.For the above treacherous scum a starter course of James David Manning's revelations:What Every White Person Should Know:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfrR5lAxXV0&feature=relatedGri££in Watch, keep up the good work.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Make of this what you want but look at these certain Griffarge tweets over the past few days : In Eltham hundreds walking down the road earlier shouting "B B BNP".Did you see how police kettled the self-defence men in South London? So they can take control when they want. British defenders out in force last night in Dagenham. Local people saying enough is enough.HUGE police presence in Eltham high street. At least 200 officers lining the entire street.Incredible! Police from Wales with armoured cars used to provoke clashes with British Defenders in Eltham.If the fat bastard isnt state then i will eat my hat.He has sent out warnings where our people are standing up for themselves and tried to lay all the credit to the state controlled BNP then what happens last night the area's in question are swamped with the riot squad ? It stinks.

  5. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work (pressure) till the tossers who are left in the BNP wake up. Well said Webster (man shall not lie with man) even though you should lead a moral life.The riots have moved the agenda on as your site rightly points out this situation was due to Zionist/Fabian Marxists.

  6. Anonymous

    The BNP are a joke, but the it is far from funny when our people are under the impression that the fat, greedy, one-eyed, neo-con, cretin may be their saviour!


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