Barnsley B.N.P. Organiser and his deputy resign.

News has reached us that Ian Sutton and Colin Porter have resigned their positions within the B.N.P.

Ian is the former Barnsley Organiser and Colin was his deputy.

Taken from our comments section:

“Today Ian sutton has resigned his position as Barnsley regional organiser and south Yorkshire sub -region organiser, also Colin Porter has resigned his position of Barnsley Fundholder.
The Barnsley group of the B.N.P. has over many years tirelessly been out every saturday morning running a stall and have made themselves available to talk to the public. Yet again two dedicated nationalists have said enough is enough , though we all know Griff Nicking wont bat his eye lids at such a loss.
They will keep there membership going in the hope that circumstances will change… some how, I lost faith in miracles some time ago. “

Thanks anon.


4 thoughts on “Barnsley B.N.P. Organiser and his deputy resign.

  1. Anonymous

    Sean,BBC doing a programme on how Griffin has destroyed the BNP. Will be out in a month.Programme features on financial irregularities. Lots of former members and previous officials helping them to nail Griffin.The journalists I spoke to said that they believe Griffin is done for and will be arrested soon.


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