Anders Breivik and his four Stormfront posts. Entrapment?

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We here at G.W. are of the opinion that Breivik is a Sayanim and his mere four posts on Stormfront were attempts at entrapment and future smear potential, which is exactly what has happened!!!, note how he has asked for private message responces (first screenshot). 

There is now talk in Norway of not mentioning immigration because of Breiviks actions, how convenient is that for the powers that be who are promoting immigration?
Qui Bono?
We the indigenous certainly don’t benefit from this incessant immigration.

His Israel first leanings, detailed elsewhere are also indicative of a Sayanim.

Stormfront is infested with Sayanim, one only has to look at the various 911 threads and watch them in their futile attempts to push forward the official “conspiracy theory” (nonsence) that it was Muslims that were responsible for the September the 11th atrocities.


3 thoughts on “Anders Breivik and his four Stormfront posts. Entrapment?

  1. Anonymous

    Keep up the good work GW. Watch Mullins last interview where he states the Zionists are planning WW3 between Christendom and Islam to destroy the last major obstacles to OWG.Everything is falling into place, no doubt about it they are great chess players. Me thinks we should stop playing and play our own game!!!Whiteboar


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