More Griffarage lies laid bare

“At a recorded hustings meeting 00.00-00.04 into the above video,  N.G.  stated that a £57 k royal mail bill was nothing to do with the party (as he had paid Dowson, Solasni, for the postage) and if  the royal mail had not been paid, then that was down to Dowson, not the party.  As these screenshots show this is a deliberate lie as these royal mail docket books are the  official party account with the royal mail and they are signed by Griffins own son in law. It seems likely that N.G. or his legal agent has attempted to deceive the royal mail, the courts and the members once again over this debt. This is insane as it is here in irrefutable evidence, if, as suspected Mr Griffin has supplied the courts with deliberately false information he could be looking at  contempt of court charges on top of obtaining goods or services by deception and fraud.”

 The above screenshot is taken from the so-called “Mythbusters” fallacy document.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, gorge on the truth below.

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19 thoughts on “More Griffarage lies laid bare

  1. Anonymous

    It gives a whole new meaning to Aesop's: "We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."AesopGreek slave & fable author (620 BC – 560 BC)—How much longer can Griffin's mis-reign of tyranny continue? The uncanny resemblance between him and Sean Hoare RIP has me wondering (this time seriously) if the usurped State's goon squad hit men really did get the wrong guy this week. Why does politics have to be so ugly? Is it just the nature of the beast or just because State Zionism infects it?

  2. Anonymous

    The hook has just caught its biggest catch.Hats of to all at GW who have worked so hard for so long on all this.Lets see old griffarge loose all that weight he gained on a lavish lifesyle at all our EXPENSE.Once again well done all that have contributed to this site and i hope the fat bastard shares a cell with that smelly other one bastard with a hook who needs someone to wipe his arse !

  3. Anonymous

    GW at 21:40I said to my wife earlier that I thought GriffinWatch was a good read and great nationalist blog and even had 'panache' with such comments as those from FOTW and others. "Panache?" she asks wonderingly. "Yeah, it means er…'flamboyance'" I replied."I know what it means" she retorted, obviously irritated."Oh really? (I replied) I had to look it up."(Parodied from In the Line of Fire)

  4. Anonymous

    This site needs to be circulated to all our contacts who left or were ousted by the griffin regime.I will be doing a lot of work tomorrow with a lot of my former contacts that were told i was a wrong un and i was told they were a wrong un ! Get the picture what Griffin has been up to ? HE HAS DELIBERATELY BEEN HOLDING NATIONALISM BACK WHEN IT WAS ABOUT TO COME TO THE FORE !

  5. Anonymous

    Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? No its Simon DarbyAfter Alwyn it was time for me to put down my pint of Magners cider and entertain my audience as best I could. A mixed audience, young, old, men and women and with one local businessman having to leave he had slipped me £100 for the collection by way of an apology.Any reciept 5IMon ? by the time that £100 gets fiddled by the BNP crooks it will be lucky if £1 gets to party H.Q.Kind of reminds me of the african fund raising schemes but hay every little helps.

  6. Anonymous

    GW: 'We need more women involved fella, it's a nationalist failing.'Well she used to be actively involved in nationalist politics but banged out in top gear at the time of the truth truck scandal. Griffin was and still is in charge and Griffin was and 'STILL' is ultimately to blame. She's a Nationalist with a softer edge than me, which is how the fairer sex maybe should be. Sometimes less is more as they say.—–On the subject of 'still'. In the Falkland's War for Edomite Banker Profits, many of the troops referred to the local yokels as Bennies after the Crossroads' guy who was short of a full set and whose cheese had slipped off its cracker. They were ordered to cease using the derogatory term verbally and never to use it in any memoranda. The troops, not to be pc corrected, started to use the term 'Stills' to refer to the locals and even managed somehow to get T-shirts made with Stills on it. The hierarchy never did fathom this out or just caved in and gave up. Stills? Well it stood for They're Still Bennies.

  7. Anonymous

    There are very strong rumours that the BNP hasn't submitted any Central Accounts to the Electoral Commission, let's call Griffin's buff and demand that he tells us if this is the case?

  8. Anonymous

    Simon Darby is now showing his true colours.This was written in May 2009 by the then English Democrats National Membership Secretary:'Northern Ireland Out of the United Kingdom'So Darby why did you chase every Ulster British man out of the BNP and your crooks have tried to get mainland Ulster into the party this year when the funds were drying up ? FRESH COOKIES WITH MONEY !

  9. Anonymous

    This is the latest crap Gri££in e-mailed me:"P.S. I'm not asking for money. I'm asking you to take some time to sign a petition, promote it or hand out some leaflets. If you care about our country, help me put pressure on to get us out of the EU. The EU threatens our independence and makes us poorer. Don't let Britain down. Please take action today."Brass-necked one-eyed bastard – he's made poorer BNP members and numerous printing firms who risked their reputation to print litrature for the BNP and Gri££in never paid.Anyway, for a bit of light entertainment where the singer and his mate run into Gri££in, Brown-Hatter Harrington and BNP security in a bar – (08


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