Does this sound like a politician that you know?

Using his law enforcement experience and data drawn from the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit, Jim Kouri has collected a series of personality traits common to a couple of professions.

Kouri, who’s a vice president of the National Assn. of Chiefs of Police, has assembled traits such as superficial charm, an exaggerated sense of self-worth, glibness, lying, lack of remorse and manipulation of others.

These traits, Kouri points out in his analysis, are common to psychopathic serial killers.

But – and here’s the part that may spark some controversy and defensive discussion – these traits are also common to American politicians. (Not just American politicians. Ed.) (Maybe you already suspected.)

Yup. Violent homicide aside, our elected officials often show many of the exact same character traits as criminal nut-jobs, who run from police but not for office.

Kouri notes that these criminals are psychologically capable of committing their dirty deeds free of any concern for social, moral or legal consequences and with absolutely no remorse.

“This allows them to do what they want, whenever they want,” he wrote. “Ironically, these same traits exist in men and women who are drawn to high-profile and powerful positions in society including political officeholders.”

Good grief! And we not only voted for these people, we’re paying their salaries and entrusting them to spend our national treasure in wise ways.

We don’t know Kouri that well. He may be trying to manipulate all of us with his glib provocative pronouncements. On the other hand …

He adds:

“While many political leaders will deny the assessment regarding their similarities with serial killers and other career criminals, it is part of a psychopathic profile that may be used in assessing the behaviors of many officials and lawmakers at all levels of government.”



3 thoughts on “Does this sound like a politician that you know?

  1. Anonymous

    STOP PRESS: I've just be in contact with the Electoral Commission and they have told me that they cannot confirm one way or another if the BNP's Central Account have been submitted on time. Last year they told the general public the very next day after the deadline, if or if not a political party had missed the cut off date. The man from the EC on the other end of the phone line told me this morning that I would have to wait until Thursday 28th July when all the information about political parties accounts would be published on the EC's website.Of course by then the leadership election will be over, as we hear on the 25th the final results. Griffin slips out of it yet again!


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