12 thoughts on “Barstewards and the truth.

  1. Anonymous

    I never thought I would post anything like this but if you can't beat them then join them – but only for 3:49Nick Griffin's Downfall —–Welcome to the site, associated with the campaign for UK government to recognise the Holdomor, or genocidal famine, of 1932-33 in Ukraine as genocide. The aims of the site are:To enable people campaigning for recognition of the Holodomor to coordinate their workTo promote awareness of the Holodomor among the British public and politicians.—–The Bolshevik Communist Butchers – Talmudic USSR

  2. Anonymous

    His insolvent Ponzi scheme is going into liquidation soon. Griffinites have been dipping Griffin for a few years now as they know the funds go direct to Griffin and not on party business.The biggest earner is when a new group forms and there is no treasurer.A treasuer or official will turn from another group/branch and take the funds which never end up being accounted for and the thieves usually go on the piss with the money causing the new groups to cease before they have even got off the ground as the members realise the party is one big PONZI SCHEME.Sad but a fact and its been going on in every region right up to branch level.

  3. Anonymous

    The combined efforts of the UAF & Searchlight couldnt do a better job on that picture and video of Griffarge ! Doesnt it now really make you wonder that the man has been taking the piss all this time ?

  4. Anonymous

    Darby caught bull shitting again.1. Andrew Brons suggested last night that I had in some way abused a Party credit card in 2009. I am happy to correct this in that the BNP has not for some years had any such Party credit card. Indeed it wasn't since the days of John Brayshaw that such a facility has been afforded to the BNP. If you remember Barclays withdrew the facility along with the accounts themselves shortly after the BBC Secret Agent programme in 2004……Now if memory serves me correct back in 2006 most BNP officials and security had party credit cards and would pay for large rounds of drinks whislt on party business.

  5. Anonymous

    Ha!,Ha!,Ha!,Ha! The bully doesn't like it when somebody fights back, his fat ugly face says it all. Griffin's scam has been exposed now to the entire membership, he is finished?

  6. Anonymous

    What more proof do we need that Smug Darby isn't a State mole, the scumbag is now making excuses for Paedo Hannam? Griffin's house of cards is very quickly falling apart!'Neither can all of the blame be shunted on to Dave Hannam. In the circumstances, he did the best he could and can hardly be blamed for not being able to create money out of thin air. Take it from me, other people would have crumbled or simply run away in his position.'

  7. Anonymous

    The Electoral Commission made this statement 3 months ago, we still haven't heard anything yet."BNP Statement of Accounts14 Apr 2010In January 2010 the Electoral Commission, the independent party finance watchdog, began a case review following concerns raised in the independent auditor’s opinion about the adequacy of the 2008 statement of accounts of the British National Party.The case has now become an investigation. However, it is important to note – particularly during an election period – that no conclusion has been reached and therefore no assumption should be made as to whether a breach of the rules has occurred."

  8. Anonymous

    Griffin is not so much showing his panic at being exposed but is reflecting how much of a bollocking his handlers must have been giving him for letting his (and his co-horts') job of destroying the BNP be exposed to even the most stupid of morons.Fly on shit!

  9. Anonymous

    Now if memory serves me correct back in 2006 most BNP officials and security had party credit cards and would pay for large rounds of drinks whislt on party business.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anonymous, your absolutely correct – it was at the 2006 BNP AGM meeting Blackpool that pisshead Gri££in's arselicker, John Walker, waved in the air his BNP Gold Credit card and said he was going to blow £5000 of BNP members' money in Blackpool gambling casinos – and did.Slippery 51Mom Darby, is a disembling lying two-faced piece of shit stuck on and contaminating the shoe of English nationalism. Fly On The Wall


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