Griffarage/Harrington lies about solidarity exposed.

 The real truth about the solidarity ponzi scheme is contained within the posts below.


5 thoughts on “Griffarage/Harrington lies about solidarity exposed.

  1. Anonymous

    Harrington's dirty tricks department are in full gear smearing Andrew Brons on the BNP main website in the comments section, is there no boundaries to how low Gri££in and this deranged bi-sexual chum will stoop?

  2. Anonymous

    My wife joined Solidarity and besides a cheaply produced membership card received nothing for her fiver a month that was taking via paypal direct debit. After about 15 months she cancelled her subscription when she saw the photo of Harrington posing in front of IRA scumbag Bobby Sands' grave. As soon as she cancelled, Solidarity contacted her asking why. She replied saying it was because the union's general secretary was showing his support for the murdering IRA. She received no response. Looks like her subs were just a nice £75 towards Harrington's comfortable lifestyle. How many more have fallen or are falling for this money-making scam masquerading as a Trade Union? Solidarity is no different to any other union in this country, all the leaders living it up at the expense of the rank and file membership.

  3. Anonymous

    Here is two of dozens of examples of Harrington's latest ghastly smears on the BNP website's comment section."SunshinePacket : I have heard that Andrew has severe health problems. People say he was near death at Xmas. He was told to stop drinking but hasn't. Is this he doesn't want four year terms? ""BobbyBushtail :Do all those who back Andrew know about his links with McBride and Dowson? They supplied the mailing lists for the smear pamphlet arriving on members doormats tomorrow. They are all in it up to their necks."

  4. Anonymous

    Patsy is a very, very nasty little cunt.He is well versed in despatching 'shit-parcels' to his victims.He also used to send wreaths to Ian Stuart's elderly parents during his time with the NF all with the (unspoken) collusion of Griffin.


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