BNP IDEAS races up the Alexa ratings.

Well done to Mr. Brons and his web team.


3 thoughts on “BNP IDEAS races up the Alexa ratings.

  1. Anonymous

    The leadership campaign starts proper tomorrow, just wait and see how underhand and dirty Gri££in and his low IQ creeps will operate in the next 4 weeks.

  2. Anonymous

    Its a win-win situation, if Griffin fiddles continued leadership, the decent folk will depart. taking all those of value with them. finally starting a proper party!The BNP name and Griffin have passed their sell-by date – both dead horses. and I hope that Brons. Edmunds and anyone decent get started on whatever it takes to win back the voters.

  3. Anonymous

    On Saturday 2nd July Shropshire British National Party descend on Malinsgate Police Station and then on to the Telford Town Centre to demonstrate against the counties Muslim paedophile epidemic and the establishments total failure to protect our children….About 25 people turned up including griffin,reynolds, tierney and spotty kate from Liverpool.This was meant to be a big West Midlands event ? and they cant even get 50 people now across the region to turn up ?


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