Griffarage’s cronies caught spreading disinformation.

By Andrew Brons. It has been claimed by our current Chairman’s allies that Chris Beverley and Eddy Butler are running this website. Neither has written a single word of any of the articles that have been posted on the site.

Neither has access to the website; neither has the necessary passwords to gain that access. I have no plans to provide them with access and they have not asked me for such access.

It has been implied that Simon Bennett has some connection with it. He has none. He has not written for the site and has no access to it.

I have never met him or spoken to him on the telephone and I have not exchanged letters or emails with him.

Our Chairman’s allies are circulating the slogan Vote Brons and Get Butler. This seems to imply that my campaign is being run by, or with Eddy Butler. He is not a member of my campaign team. I have not discussed my campaign with him and he has not shown any interest in it.

My election agent is Chris Roberts and he is the person with whom I discuss my strategy..
The lies captured by screenshots below: 


One thought on “Griffarage’s cronies caught spreading disinformation.

  1. Yorkie Neil

    Another ruse created by Griffen to discredit nationalists by false information. One of the people included in the alleged skype conversation Dr. James Lewthwaite was not included or give any input. Knowing Jim very well I can assure you he as no talent with the new fangle internet and in fact I have only just trained him in the art of refreshing a computer screen and commenting on blogs. This skype conversation is just another hoax, Griffin please leave and go leaving the door ajar for true nationalists.


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