A seminal article. British Nationalism and where we are today.

Nicholas John Griffin is a busted flush, he has been exposed and more importantly he has exposed himself as a wannabe dictator who hangs on to power for one reason and one reason only= the B.N.P. Accounts.
Should the B.N.P. ever be released from Griffins constitutionally held grip and should it ever be retrieved by decent Nationalists, after an investigation of the accounts and it’s reporting, Griffin would be facing a long stay at her majesties pleasure.

After investing so much time and effort into making the B.N.P. an Establishment “safety valve” and name collection mechanism of Nationalist dissidents, as they said they would do in 1999:

(One should note that Griffin took over the B.N.P. in 1999)

The Establishment certainly won’t want to relinquish their grip on their foremost “Safety Valve”.

Enter former “City of London Corporation” employee Eddy Butler.

Now “Steady Eddy” as the Establishment probably term him, would be the ideal man (for the Establishment) to control the B.N.P. from behind the scenes, after all steady Eddy has made it clear that he doesn’t want to rock the boat and is quite happy to turn a blind eye to the members being ripped off:

It gets worse, not only is Butler willing to turn a blind eye to fraud, he also wants to turn Nationalism on its head and support diametrically opposite issues such as feminism and gay rights (sic):

The above quote could have been written by any “common purpose” employee (if one omitted the word Nationalist) in fact, it probably was.

More on common purpose here:


Along with Butlers running mate
Michael “I’ve got mixed raced grandkids and it’s mondo cool dude” Barnbrook 
(well he isn’t running now, we doubt that he is even hobbling after being recently exposed by us here at Griffinwatch)
We have a recipe for a liberal Establishment continuance of control over the B.N.P. and ever more watering down of its policies.




You have the circumstantial evidence of past treachery and indeed treachery at work. What you do with this information my friends, is up to you.

“Forewarned is forearmed” as the motto goes.


9 thoughts on “A seminal article. British Nationalism and where we are today.

  1. Anonymous

    Eddy the Butler says …. the irony of the situation ….. is a thorny nettle that has to be grasped …. swallowed and digested.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~If I ever grasp that ironic thorny nettle I'm going to shove it up and jam it in that fucking traitor's arsehole.Slightly off topic but of interest:Seems the Board of Deputies, the International Brotherhood of Thieving jew Magicians, the Jewish Magic Brown-Ringers and the Anti-defamation League have been pulling strings because since Northwest Nationalists have again resurrected Fraud jewboyjanner's paedo crime(s) those wankers running Internet Explorer are continually freezing the NWN site – truth always hurts, so the yids must be feeling real sore – like the arse of Fraud janner's victim.Fly On The Wall.

  2. Anonymous

    Griffarge was tweeting he was at Molloys wedding the weekend.Bet it was just like a UAF gathering with lots of hammers & sickles and RED herrings.

  3. Anonymous

    There is an unwritten rule/myth that someone always gets to shaft a horny bridesmaid at weddings,but at Molloys wedding there was a fat one eyed bagel boy traitor trying to get a shaft off the PAGEBOYS!Hope someone put bromide in the dirty sods champagne!Inspector Blakey"get that bus out Griffin!"

  4. Anonymous

    In the runup and during the 2011 Local Elections Gri££in claimed Scottish BNP branches and groups were organising and doing well in Scotland when in fact:1/ There was no Scottish BNP grassroot members' support for Gri££in.2/ Scottish BNP members where abandoning the BNP in droves.3/ There were no Scottish BNP meetings.4/ There was no Scottish BNP activism5/ There was no leafletting in Scotland.6/ Scottish BNP groups were despondent by Gri££in's corruption and deliberate vote-losing antics and now exist in name only. 7/ Independent doorstep polls in Scotland showed public support for Gri££in and the BNP was plummeting to an all time low.And if you think it can't get worse: Porn star Ian kitchen together with Jim Dowson are now regular visitors to Glasgow, the visits funded by the few remaining dopey BNP members.Joe Furny, who's not been long in the BNP, has been appointed BNP organiser for Glasgow and is a ticking political timebomb waiting to go off like Twiddlydee Kitchen and Twiddlydum Dowson did.Merde de Musca

  5. Anonymous

    I've just hard that Griffin lost his rag on Monday in Brussels when Andrew Brons' party of guests were holding a private meeting, he stormed in and mad a complete fool of himself while in a ranting rage.

  6. Anonymous

    And why is Darby so quiet in all this ? As former West Midlands R/O he has seen his activist and membership base probably loose a good 90% of people ? Does he care does he bollox non of em do since the money starting rolling in through the euro gravy train.F***ing traitors the pair of English tories masquerading as nationalists living in Welshpool,Wales.We need a demo at these pair of pricks big country manors to demand answers and soon.

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Does he care does he bollox non of em do since the money starting rolling in through the euro gravy train. F***ing traitors the pair of English tories masquerading as nationalists living in Welshpool, Wales. We need a demo at these pair of pricks big country manors to demand answers and soon………………………..good idea ……. don't forget to bring ropes strong enough to hang a treacherous fat greedy one-eyed pig and pigmaster Darby.


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