A warning to all British Nationalists, Michael Barnbrook is an enemy of Nationalism. UPDATED.


(They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, tis true. Ed. Thanks anon.)

(Pathetic and politically correct, there is no way that a fair trial will occur in this matter, our enemies are exposing themselves!!!!!!!!!!!! Ed.)

This nefarious P.C. ex P.C. is doing all that he can to undermine Nationalism, Richard Edmonds and Johnny Leech should be ashamed of themselves and should distance themselves from the nefarious words of Michael Barnbrook as soon as is possible.

The nasty  politically correct creature Barnbrook  even sees himself as a future B.N.P. leader, god help us all should this ever happen.

Read more about Barnbrook here:




22 thoughts on “A warning to all British Nationalists, Michael Barnbrook is an enemy of Nationalism. UPDATED.

  1. Anonymous

    I think Edmonds has be careful not to rock tyhe boat too much as the last thing we need is infighting while we are trying to get rid of Griffin OUT.Richard Edmonds Secretly Filmed On Campaign Trail In Barking And Dagenhamhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTMZ8gxZiVE

  2. Anonymous

    Duwayne Brooks: “The smart young man with a clipboard in one hand and Liberal Democrat leaflets in the other”http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:oPZZsGXHAxAJ:www.libdemvoice.org/duwayne-brooks-the-smart-young-man-with-a-clipboard-in-one-hand-and-liberal-democrat-leaflets-in-the-other-11458.html+Dwayne+Brooks+rape&cd=3&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=uk&source=www.google.co.uk

  3. Anonymous

    As anyone seen Butlers new post on his blog, the photo of Gri££in, with some new ethnic friends.The BNP is beginning to behave like the English Dummicats party LOL

  4. Anonymous

    Talking of coppers what ever happened to ex South African police officer Lance Stewart who was BNP intelligence ? Why did the BNP need an intelligence officer ? Stewart once asked people at a regional meeting to report all people in privacy and confidentiality who they suspect of being wrong uns ? This was about the time when all these new nationalist puppies but ageing looking ex hippy types dressed in suits and sporting short hair cuts were joining the party around 2006 when the BNP was at its peak ! Think about it.

  5. Anonymous

    Somebody in our group reported a suspect to Lance Srewart. Result – nothing not even acknowledgement. Was he another one on the payroll doing nothing.

  6. Anonymous

    Somebody in our group reported a suspect to Lance Srewart. Result – nothing not even acknowledgement. Was he another one on the payroll doing nothing.There were plenty around im not Joe Owens but have been barking up the same tree as Joe for sometime.I hope some of the people that have left the party in disgust may have found their way to this site.You see there were a lot of us saying the party had not been infiltrated but the infiltrators were put there from the top ? Now do alarm bells start ringing ? Its strange how a lot us when we sussed out who they were were all of a sudden getting threats from unknown mobiles and were literally ousted from the party.Like someone said above where have all this clan from circa 2006 gone ?

  7. Anonymous

    Darbys latest article about the 21 birds :I was out with my old friend from Blackburn JACKDAW who has this cracking BLACKBIRD with a bit of GREAT TIT it makes you want to CARRION CROW in your pants and CHAFFINCH.We picked up the restaurant menu and had a good BUZZARD at the the specials but couldnt DUNNOCK what to order but went for the WOOD PIGEON AND MAGPIE followed by a bottle of the HOUSE SPARROW.The GOLDFINCH starter was a bit CHIFFCHAFF and hard to SWALLOW so i called over the PHEASANT who had just served us who told me i had a problem with my SWALLOW LINNET.Outraged by this remark from this piece of PIED WAGTAIL i reached for my YELLOWHAMMER and hit him in the BLUE TIT.He fell on the floor and cried like a LONG TAILED TIT we then had to SPARROWHAWK it quick for the door.Until next time5IMon Darby

  8. Anonymous

    There are too many Coppers in the BNP, far too many.Coppers are bad news with strange loyalities!Personally I wouldn't trust one as far as I could throw them.

  9. Anonymous

    Butler has written a big piece on Islam today on his blog, I think he is getting his wires crossed.'Zionism is Jewish territorial nationalism. Nationalists tend to misuse it as a code word for the Jewish conspiracy to destroy the white race and subjugate the world.Eddy,

  10. Anonymous

    Looks like Tom Gower has woke up and smelt the coffee after being on the payroll and working at the Belfast office.It was indeed disgusting the way Marion and Neil were treated during the closure of the Belfast office. Marion has been left penniless having to live off her credit card while trying to support her and her husband. Neil was left without a job and no money at a time when his wife was about to have a baby. As for the call centre staff I dread to think of the mess they were left in.Looking back on it the closure of the Belfast office was probably one of the worst times of my entire life of which I'm still after 7 months having to bear the brunt. I WAS LED BY CERTAIN PEOPLE TO TURN AGAINST FRIENDS who all along were trying to warn me and for that I have apologised to them. I wish Marion and Neil all the best in their case and hopefully this sorry episode will be put to rest.

  11. Anonymous

    What race traitor Barnbrook fails mentioning is Stephen Lawrence was well known to the police as a street level drug dealer because they had nabbed Laurence numerous times for carrying and pushing drugs – yet police/CPS decided not to prosecute him.Also in official government files is recorded that several weeks before he was killed the police stopped and searched Lawrence and found he was carrying a loaded handgun for protecting himself from rival drug dealers – yet no official action was taken against Lawrence – so whoever killed him did taxpayers and the rest of us a big favour.Re: Lawrence's parents, the police and the mainstream media claiming Lawrence was studying to be an engineer or an architect – LIKE THE JEWISH HOLOHOAX FAIRYTALE IT'S A COMPLETE LOAD OF BOLLOCKS.IF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA WANT A WRITE ABOUT A TRULY HORRIFIC RACE MURDER THEY NEED NOT LOOK FURTHER THAN THE ROSS PARKER MURDER BY TEN OR SO PAKI/ASIAN MUSLIMS WHO'VE PROBABLY BEEN REALEASED EARLY BY MARXIST LABOUR MINISTERS OR THAT LIBERAL LEFT-WING BLOATED BILDERBERGER BASTARD KENNETH CLARKE. Fly On The Wall

  12. Dwaynne done Stephen

    These lads being set up by the state need some support and lets face it, they won't get a fair trail. The Nat Front should plan to protest outside the court, they would get alot of publicity and the cost of Policing may make them think twice before they set up two other white lads. Don't trust postman as well as ex Police officers. The post office is controlled by the state, i.e all postal workers are state agents, and also milkmen.

  13. Lecomber/Sledge Watch

    I for the life of me can not find out the real name of Peter 'Sledge' Lecombers goofer. Nobody knows his real name or where he lives.All i've found out is that he was good with a box of matches and a fairy liquid bottle full of parafin in the 70's. Does any body know is real name?

  14. Anonymous

    The world is a very small place.Every dog that bides its time will have its day especially if you bump into a white rat on a foreign holiday.The rest is history white traitors will soon have to run back to their own back yard no matter how far across the land or globe they think they are safe.

  15. Anonymous

    Tell me if i am seeing things but this is Griffarges latest daily beg and now its for the truth truck:Windscreen = £400Oil change,35 litres = £150Oil filter = £45Air Filter = £110Brakes relining = £320Handbrake reconditioning = £285approx cost to be met = £1500The total cost comes to £1310 ????so who has done the sums to make a £190 shortfall ?Oh shit they missed off the cost of a wig for 5IMon Darby.

  16. Anonymous

    If it were left to you, Barnbrook, the white race will be extinct in a couple of generations – you've been lumbered with gangsta quadroon picaninny sambo grandkids because you've never had the backbone to teach your brood to be proud of their white roots and to stick with their own kind instead of letting them miscegenate with jigaboos and every swinging black dick rapping by, don't try kidding yourself it's O.K. and acceptable to us nationalists because it's not – and don't go posing as a nationalist because you're not.I raised both my offspring to be proud that they're white, and told them in no uncertain terms that if either one came home with a baboon swinging on their arm or towing someone of another race, blood ties would never save the culprit from being permenently banned from my home and my wife and I would never speak to them again.Both my grandkids are being raised to be proud of being white, and to stay well clear of blacks, asians, and other non-north-western european white folk.Am I rascist ? – damn right I am – and proud of it. Fly On The Wall


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