David Hannam (former National Treasurers) fall from grace.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009
David Hannam.

David Hannam and his wife Diane Bridgeman

Where did he get the money from to launch this business?

Was it from Great White Records?


More research is needed.

Hannam is often ignored,

as a former shelf stacker like Griffin.

Why has he prospered so?


News has reached us that David Hannam’s fall from grace is almost complete.
We are reliably informed that Hannam has now had to take on a part time job because Jefferson is refusing to pay him.

Well there is a lesson here for all of the Griffinites, who will no doubt refuse to listen.

Whether you are on the payroll or not, once your usefulness is over, you will find yourself “out on your ear”, so to speak.


8 thoughts on “David Hannam (former National Treasurers) fall from grace.

  1. Anonymous

    maybe pervert Hannam will open up a porn website along with his closet fart tapping joyboy chum Mark "i like them young" collett?Inspector Blakey"get that bus out griffin"

  2. Anonymous

    Those pair of treacherous cunts Messrs David `Wiff these soiled girls knickers Mark' Hannam & Mark `Chuck me another baby girl because the last one split' Co££et are the Burke and Hare hiding in British nationalism, but unlike resurrectionists Burke and Hare, instead of digging up bodies, Messrs David `Chew this knicker gusset Mark' Hannam & Mark `Smell my finger Dave she's only six years old' Co££et have been working overtime deep-sixing bodies for Gri££instein so both daren't reveal where all the bodies buried.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    "Where did he get the moneyfrom to launch this business?"Look, as a fundholder for a local branch for the last 3 years I have no time for that incompetent little twerp Hannam but it doesn't cost very much to set up a dog breeding business.

  4. sw45

    Just heard that Hannam and collett have got new jobs at the Gary Glitter Babysitting Agency!Inspector Blakey"Get that bus out Griffin!""I `ate you Derby!"


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