Griffarage panics, removes Andrew Brons’s website link.

The post below indicates why Griffarage is panicking and has removed Andrews website link from the main B.N.P. website.
Here is Mr Brons’s website for those interested:


12 thoughts on “Griffarage panics, removes Andrew Brons’s website link.

  1. Dwaynne done Stephen

    I think Isreali concentration camps should be exposed if anyone has the time to research the subject. I just don't have the time to do it. Palistinians prisoners of war can be shot dead, are half starved and there are actually children in the concentration camps. These camps are hell holes and most of the immates have not been given a trail.

  2. Anonymous

    The truth about the English Democrats – media-hyped ‘rivals’ disgraced by move to ally with Sinn FeinThe above article on the BNP website is a bit of the old pot calling the kettle black.

  3. Anonymous

    The Gri££inberg-Bronstein public ruckus is a mutually planned operation for catching unwary nmationalists desperate for a nationalist party the can believe, trust and to belong to.Those pair of jew cunts, Messrs Gri££inberg & Bronstein are the opposite sides of the same MI5-Establishment coin – Gri££inberg wins .. nationalists lose – Bronstein wins .. nationalists lose – don't trust those two zionist jewdas – both will fuck nationalists over evertime. Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    I've heard Andrew Brons has had enough of Gri££in, after the May elections he may split from him.Hopefully Andrew will support Richard Edmond's leadership bid?

  5. Anonymous

    "Palistinians prisoners of war can be shot dead, are half starved and there are actually children in the concentration camps."Sounds like post war Germany where they tortured, starved and shot millions of demobilized German POW's and civilians in hundreds of such camps.

  6. Anonymous

    Be there the Jews are panicking spread the word.A panel discussion examining Israeli Criminality in the wake of the Goldstone Retract. Speakers include:Despite the huge pressures from certain zionist and "anti-zionist" groups, John Rose and Ghada Karmi have pulled but have been replaced with a number of other high profile and brilliant speakers. A lot of criticism has been mounted about the fact that the event is putting "Jewishness" into the debate with Zionism and Israel. The fact that Israel calls itself the "Jewish State" warrants that we as rational, critical individuals must at least enquire and question what this may mean. This is not anti-semitic nor racist, and in fact every religion has been subject to these criticisms and enquiries, and in a truly democratic society, any exclusive belief that posits itself as the truth must be scrutinised and put under the spotlight. Guests include:Gilad Atzmon & Other PanelistsVenue:The same pressures have been mounted on the previous venue and they have pulled the plug on the event, but we have managed to find another venue in central London, and the address will be published here on the morning of the event. It is very close to the previous one. I expet more info will come through from Gilad and also Lynda. I’ll keep you posted. I expect they’ll also have a re-direct team posted at the original venue, which is/was:University Of Westminster Cavendish Campus115 New Cavendish StreetLondonW1W 6UW.This is at the cross-roads of Cavendish St which runs N/S, and New Cavendish St & Howland St which runs W/E.Nearest Tube: Goodge Street.See you Tuesday evening.

  7. Anonymous

    I bet Gri££in is grinning from ear to ear?"A BNP Assembly candidate who rants about Asians taking over the UK hides a fascinating secret – his father-in-law is Asian.The Sunday World can reveal Steven Moore, who refers to Asians as "ragheads", not only has an Indian father-in-law but had his wedding paid for by the well-off Indian.Last night we spoke to Neil Singh Sandhu who confirmed he was Moore's father-in-law."


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