7 thoughts on “Another great website for info./whistleblowers. Cryptome.

  1. Anonymous

    This has just appeared on the BBC News website, it proves they are scratching Gri££in & Darby's backs!BNP 'expects to pay off debts this year'By Norman Smith Chief political correspondent, BBC Radio 4http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-13197795

  2. Anonymous

    Darby is not thick he was testing out all the waters in 2009 in the county council elections and where the votes were coming from.Now Jefferson has been used some two years later to throw frog sporn into parish council seats to make the small parish's wake up so the the county councils dont vote the party next time round after Clive makes a buffoon of himself.Some county council seats are worth a lot of money in certain circles to those elected and those that support the elected.

  3. Anonymous

    Does anyone know why Denise Garside has gone on the missing fanny craddock list ? Ive heard from a few sources she was sussed out being a closet tory by the left working class rebels that she claims to so much support and was accosted by some roma gypo's whilst out on a fanny fest one night in Great Yarmouth.At this rate Chris Hill and Ketlan Tossowski will be opening a gay sauna in Lancaster Harbour and Griffin & Jefferson will be sailing across the harbour for some bum fun.

  4. Anonymous

    Just been reading the BD Forum and cant you tell the local election is only a week away as all the lunatics are coming out of the asylum ! Joe Owens what he has been saying all along looks like he was barking up the right tree.

  5. Anonymous

    Chris `Mentally' Hill is pro-zionist – but then that's no surprize because he's admitted he got jew blood coursing through his worthless carcass.


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