Searchlight (sic) and the MSM’s financial ties.

More about Gerald Gable who runs Searchlight (sic), a convicted criminal (burglar) and all around scumbag.

Read it here:


4 thoughts on “Searchlight (sic) and the MSM’s financial ties.

  1. Anonymous

    Google JO ADETUNJI – note the shit-coloured marxist immigrant parasitic bitch works for the Guardian and beyond question is another Guardian conduit for pouring the Guardian's contaminated ill-gotten thousands of pounds into Searchlight-UAF-Jews-R-us Ltd.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    Searchlight donor Daniel Hodges is a dead-eyed pox-scarred hollow-faced humourless rampant homosexual pervert – secretly fancies Weyman Bennet, the UAF's untrainable rubber-lipped monkey.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Blue State Digital are run from The Guardian's address. who are they? they get a LOT of money!23 April 2011 21:35…………Blue State Digital is an american jew-created organization for supporting and promoting nation-destroying marxist policies such as flooding white countries with african wogs, asian wogs, chinese wogs and wogs from elsewhere and getting these multi-racial wogs miscegenating with stupid trashy white slags.


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