A warning to parents. Facebook exposed.

 A  must see presentation about facebook.

Every parent should view this:

The real facebook.


5 thoughts on “A warning to parents. Facebook exposed.

  1. Anonymous

    British National Party National Organiser Adam Walker was arrested today outside the offices of Wakefield District Housing for registering a complaint about the company’s persecution of employee Colin Atkinson for displaying a small Christian cross in his work van. Walker was probably only there as griffarge told him to be more cross in his street activism.Seriously though this anti christian thing by the establishment is now getting somewhat scary.

  2. Anonymous

    I was on facebook a few years ago and was getting a bit dubious about certain BNP members some of who'm Joe Owens named.Many of them sat on their all day spying on fellow members and grassing on the ones who wanted change and griffin out.One day i set a honey trap on one individual i thought was not just passing info to HQ but also the reds.This was confirmed within a few days as the UAF ran the story only to take it down when it came to light it was bullshit !

  3. Anonymous

    First one of Gri££in's infiltraitors Michael `the maxist' Whitby mingles with the British Constitutionalists protesting at Roger Hayes's appearance at Birkenhead Court and gets arrested and charged – now another of Gri££in's arse-licking moronic minions, Adam `wanker' Walker, sticks his snout into a non-BNP member's troubles and gets himself arrested – methinks I smell rats – big rats – fucking big treacherous rats going by the names of Gri££in and MI5, the not-so-hidden vermin behind this seemingly inexplicable surge of BNP martyrs throwing themselves into custody to try establishing they're heroes fighting the patriotic nationalist cause, come what may, and for suckering and entrapping unsuspecting English patriots into the MI5-controlled BNP safety pen.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Paint the pictures and join the dots.All area's that were doing well suddenly had an alien move into that region branch etc and they have now all gone down the pan (Molloy moving from Liverpool to the north east is one example)The BNP of old is no longer run by nationalists if anything its now run by the far left and and the state that are pissing themselves that mugs still donate money which is probably being funneled back to the far left.Griffin is not stupid he is either in on it or has been blackmailed on some major story that he cant afford to have released hence the slow death of the BNP from within.


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