Just the "Finn" end of the wedge.


Just the “Finn” end of the wedge?
Let’s hope so.
More and more people worldwide are waking up to the dangers of unlimited immigration and the multicultural nightmare that it inevitably brings.

Are you feeling enriched by immigration? or “put upon” by it?


8 thoughts on “Just the "Finn" end of the wedge.

  1. Anonymous

    Main aternative parties standing in the English elections 2011.Greens 1606Ukip 1202BNP 268 Griffarge should be hung out to dry just on those figures regardless of the £££ figures.

  2. Anonymous

    Actually i think the BNP figure could be less than 200 as the silence on the main website is oh so golden at the minute about candidates standing in England.

  3. Anonymous

    The British National Party’s local council manifesto was launched in Stoke-on-Trent today (yesterday)Another own goal or what ? Everyone knew that Stoke City were playing in the F.A.cup semi final yesterday at Wembley so Stoke would have been like a ghost town.Two words once again come to mind where the current BNP are concerned and thats dropped and bollock.

  4. Anonymous

    Nationalism in the UK is dead.UKIP have taken the BNP support and put themselves into the populist anti-immigration vote.EDL have taken the NF support and put themselves into the hard line street anti-immigration (muslim) scene.Where can the NF and BNP go now??????

  5. Anonymous

    Word doing the rounds that a former soldier and EDL supporter has been jailed for 70 days for burning the koran in Carlisle in retaliation for the poppy burning incident !

  6. Anonymous

    Five years ago my local town, a sleepy, crime-free market town (dominated by Liberal-Democrappers, one being a married man with two children who divorced his lesbian wife, had his nuts and dick surgically removed and remarried his wife, I kid you not) had no niggers until Labour and Lib-Democrappers deemed the town as being "too white" so began bussing in and homing as many niggers as possible – and we soon felt the positive benefits of racial enrichment when a fucking rubber-lipped coon committed the town's first bank robbery – naturally, the Old Bill and the local newspapers played down the crime, and the thieving black bastard was never caught.Fly On The Wall


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