Eddy Butler. Flip-flopping and attempts at Zionist appeasement.

The Problem of the BNP and Kosher Patriotism

Peter Hitchens writes of David Cameron:

The Prime Minister is an opportunist who doesn’t believe in anything…It’s easily proved, by tracking his changing views on any subject you care to name since he first sought office. Zig, zag, and zig again where necessary.
But don’t delude yourself that a man with no principles won’t do any damage. Because his only concern is to gain and hold office, he will do all he can for that end.

And that, dear reader, is the problem the BNP has been in. First lurching into what is now called “civic nationalism,” then veering back into racial nationalism; then seeking black supporters and members, then fighting against black members; then seeking to be pro-Israeli, then trying to look anti-Zionist… Under Nick Griffin the BNP has (supposedly) believed in one then the other.

The flip-flop nature of the BNP over the last decade has been painful to behold.

Right: Sikh and ye shall find. A tame Sikh joins the civic nationalist BNP – which now attacks other patriotic groups for being, er, civic nationalist.

And so we have Eddy Butler pointing out to us all where the BNP has gone wrong, and what must be done (to nationalism!) to make it right again.

On the money, he’s right. From the firing of Dave Newlands back in 1999 (? correct me if I’m wrong) the BNP has been out of control with no financial controls, a relative fiefdom – and some have questioned if that were a “reward” for the u-turns on repatriation, coloured supporters, Zionism and more.

But on the politics?

Funnily enough Mr. Butler and the other ‘voices in the wilderness’ were until recently fully in the Griffin camp, whilst the Trafalgar Club slush fund was raided and whilst the policy flip flops went on… It is only really since the advent of Jim Dowson, with the millions of pounds raised and the subsequent debts (which left Butler and others asking where all the money went) which has led to rupture.

Griffin Watch, one of the net’s most vociferous critics of the BNP’s policy and finances has warned that Butler’s differences are not, in essence, political and I would tend to agree. In and of itself there is nothing wrong with that. As long as people know where he stands!

To give an example, Mr. Butler recently ran a couple of articles exposing Mr. Griffin’s past. It was meant to shock and awe the current crop of BNP activists and supporters. What it actually did was expose the old Griffin (radical, ideologue, racialist and nationalist – even if off the back of others) when compared to the new Griffin (money-intensive, flip-flop, EU-waged politician).

The comments on his Condemned to Repeat 2 post were most interesting, because it seems that even today nationalists (BNP and otherwise) are not taken in by Zionist lies and propaganda: they are prepared to read and understand articles about anti-Zionist governments, about foreign nationalisms and about potential allies outside Europe.

One of the issues with the Modern BNP (under Griffin and including Butler) has been that it has thought that following a vaguely pro-Israeli line has been a money-spinner, a vote-winner, a media-placating and positive move. What they fail to understand is that being pro-Israel (even with caveats) rips the guts out of nationalist activists, because they instinctively and intrinsically know that nationalism has always denounced Israel and Zionism.

I am reminded of the time this very blog put up a “Love Palestine” banner with a link through to a site exposing Zionist war crimes etc. Some Nu-BNP braindead moron put a story up on a forum (Stormfront I think) on how FC was “pro-Muslim.” And that, my friends, is the level of twit we are dealing with, and that is the zombie-moron bred when groups like the BNP become Muzzie-bashing pro-Israeli pressure groups.

Mr. Butler has exposed many wrongs in the BNP, mostly financial, and in that respect will be proved correct in the not too distant future when the pigeons come home to roost.

Left: The “Jews are voting for us” BNP have now been overtaken by the pro-Israeli EDL, and so denounce them as “Zionist.” Pots? Kettles?

However, as his attempt to “dirty” Griffin with his Libyan links shows, Mr. Butler is misfiring. He would do better to condemn and expose Mr. Griffin’s cosying up to the Israeli lobby and the betrayal of nationalism that took place at that time. Unfortunately he can’t because Mr. Butler was one of NG’s lieutenants at that time and politically is of the same ilk.

The finance scandals will probably see NG hoisted high and left to dry. The political ones won’t, because there are still plenty around who feel that the betrayals of the last 10 years have to be continued…

Nationalism still has much to suffer.

Final Conflict

F.C. pretty much hits the nail on the head with  the above article.
In our opinion Eddy Butler is an opportunist much the same as Griffarage is, which is proven by the constant flip-flopping of Butler.

Nationalism needs to show consistency in order not to confuse members/potential recruits.
Any attempts to appease the Zionists are fruitless and very damaging to real Nationalism.
In Butlers recent Paltalk interview in the British Resistance Paltalk room, Butler had the Chutzpah to claim that exposing the very real banking scam (ie Usury/Fractional Reserve Banking) was in some way “cranky”.
Well that did it for us here at G.W., as a former employee in “The City”, (he used to work for the Corporation of the City of London, in a finance dept.!!!!!) Butler should well know how this corrupt financial system holds us all down, for him to state otherwise, is quite frankly risible.

This makes him either a fool or a knave, we here at G.W. would bet our bottom Dollar on Butler being in the latter category because Eddy Butler certainly isn’t stupid.


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