Overweight, overpaid and over in Brussels

“When the BNP romped home to victory in June 2009 with two members of the European Parliament, this was a major breakthrough for patriotic politics in Britain.
Prior to polling day, and after, there were high hopes that Nick Griffin would make a radical stand in the House of Treason in Brussels on behalf of British sovereignty, independence and freedom.
Remember the speeches where he exclaimed that the “real Brits were coming to Brussels”? Remember the proud boast that Nick Griffin would “throw spanners” into the workings of the European Parliament on behalf of Britannia?
What a joke that turned out to be!
Dozens of members and leadership officials all testify that Nick Griffin has “gone native” in the European Parliament, which is specially designed as a “politician neutralisation centre”, all with the aim of locking the cream of Europe’s up-and-coming politicians into a superfluous, grandiose talking-shop dead end.
The grandiose parliament chamber – where MEPs deliver their prized “one minute speeches” – makes these formerly radical politicians feel important and deluded that they are achieving some good.

Nick Griffin was supposed to be throwing “spanners” into the workings of the EU. Instead he has blended in, played the game, gone native and neglected home politics and the running of the British National Party, all the while he rakes in £6,000 to £10,000 every month.
The huge salaries and expenses make them greedy. The MEPs also receive £300 (approx) every single day they turn up to the parliament, thus incentivising them to abandon home politics in favour of the Brussels high life of champagne and caviar.
The whole enterprise is designed to suck radicals in and re-direct their focus away from their former passions. After a few years, they end up flabby, unfocussed, domesticated and soft.
That’s the purpose of the European Parliament, which has no real power – it can only amend legislation created by the European Commission. It is, in effect, the world’s largest and most toothless talking shop!
Nick Griffin spends vast amounts of his time preparing his one-minute speeches, on issues like wind farms in Belarus, energy issues in Africa, human rights in Iran and so on. The whole exercise is a total waste of time and effort, but Nick Griffin positively delights in the whole charade.
Whilst we at Nationalism Today have no time for Nigel Farage, he is a good example of a politician who uses his position to “create waves” and he earns the respect of many people by his pugnacious, defiant tirades against the bureaucratic nation-wrecking minions of the EU.
Please watch the video below and contrast Mr Farage’s performance, which was radical and outrageous, to one of Mr Griffin’s tame “playing the game” speeches:”

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