Conspiracy FACTS, the false "war on terror", "False Flag Operations" and why Politicians are so loathed.

Excellent News: Cynicism At All-Time High. Elected Politicians Almost Universally Loathed…

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For April 7, 2011

“There was an encouraging article in today’s Independent from Steve Richards, ‘This loathing of politicians must end’.
……and there was me waiting for it to properly begin.
A newly elected MP tells him that “the hardest part of the job is coping with disdain of the public”. Other M.P.’s seem to agree.
Well Steve, thanks for that. It is encouraging to know that there are so many that hold a positive reason for no longer voting. They despise the bl**dy lot of ‘em.
The more cynicism and loathing the better, I say.
Maybe one day the penny will drop. Maybe one day the horrible so-and-so’s that covet a soaring parliamentary career will understand why they are hated, see the light and start doing the right thing (for once).
These people drag us into a ‘War On Terror’ without demanding answers to (or even asking) the most obvious and crucial questions. The ‘War On Terror’ is an obvious hoax. There is definitive scientific evidence that proves it. There are even respected insider ‘whistle-blowers’ (listen to all this brilliant interview) that openly declare it.
Failure of our representatives to question 9/11 and ‘The War on Terror’ is nothing less than treason. It is an ultimate betrayal, the sacrifice of the lives of ones country’s citizens to serve the interests of a banking oligarchy that increasing numbers of people understand to be our real government.
We notice that no MP has raised a squeak about the fact that there has been no Public Inquiry into the 7/7 London bombings, the biggest act of mass murder ever committed on British soil. What MP has raised a question or said a single word about the following:
1) A doctor who was sent onto two of the trains to ‘count the dead’ was one body short in both cases. If all the victims bodies are accounted for, where are the bodies of the alleged suicide bombers.?
2) The first expert on the scene said the explosions were timer-detonated and used high-grade military explosives. Now we have the ludicrous narrative of four mates in a Yorkshire gym buying tubs of hydrogen peroxide, boiling it down to the required concentration, mixing it with black pepper, filling containers with this stuff and traversing the country with this stuff sloshing around in their rucksacks, before making their bags explode to devastating effect on the morning of 7/7.
Do me a favour, guv. Apart from the fact that the explosives story is in its fourth incarnation since 7/7, to believe that you have to really NEED to believe it…….which, of course MP’s do. Nonetheless they are not doing their jobs.
3) There have been three different train-times narratives before HMG settled on the latest version.
4) In spite of London being the most CCTV-rich environment on earth there are only a couple of very poor images to place the bombers in the right place at the right times and these could easily have been photoshopped. What was up with those thousands of CCTV cameras?
5) There were four drills carried out by authorities that almost perfectly mirrored the event itself. How spectacularly unlikely is it that this conflation of real and virtual ‘terrorism’ was random happenstance?
6) There were no post mortems carried out on any of the bodies. A shocking truth that can only be explained by somebody’s desire not to create evidence that would possibly (or, more correctly, certainly) contradict other evidence that was, at that early time, yet to be fully concocted.
7) Lots and lots of other things. The reported lack of political or religious fervor of at least three of the four. Khan’s role in his job (working in a special school) and with the police (as a negotiator and peacemaker between rival gangs). This man’s previous habitual behaviour was as a healer and not a destroyer. He was even taken on a tour of parliament by his local MP. The fact they bought return tickets and Tanweer (who was playing cricket until 10pm the night before) argued about the change in the M1 Services on the way down to Luton. The fact Germaine Lindsay arrived early in Luton, fell asleep and got a parking ticket in Luton Station car park before the others arrived.
How relaxed is that for a guy who knows he will die in four hours time?
The fact that when he arrived (surely late) in King’s Cross station he asked an attendant, a Mr Patel, if he could see the “Duty Manager” saying “It is very important” (Mr Patel reported that it was already chaotic on the concourse at this time with grills to the street having been pulled down, barriers closed, uniformed personnel moving around and passengers shouting at staff for being prevented from getting to work). Lindsay did not wait for the man to be brought to him. He disappeared.
This, and much else besides, sounds much more like the behaviour of a hired actor in a drill rather than a determined killer. As well-paid patsies, hired for the ‘exercise’, it is easy to imagine Khan and Tanweer being sweet-talked into making the ‘threatening’ videos that so effectively convinced most people of their guilt.
The Muslim community are not so dumb, however, nor many of the rest of us.
So, Mr Richards, if these anomalies had been noticed and raised by a single MP or media outlet we might still have a little respect for their and your collective integrity.
But NO.
It hasn’t happened and it won’t happen.
And this what everybody increasingly notices.
Morality is compartmentalised. It is applied sometimes and not others.
As a schoolteacher I had to get Health and Safety forms filled in every time children were taken across a road and every form had to be taken home by every child and parents’ emergency mobile phone numbers filled in, ‘in case something happens’. The same politicians who voted in this rubbish (because they care so much about children) were also responsible for giving the green light to the ‘Shock and Awe’ that murdered thousands of women and children in their beds at the start of the Iraq War.
So what is the unifying principle here?
It has certainly nothing to do with the well-being of children.
The unifying principle is discovered by asking this question, “What is in the interests of the international corporate finance?”
EVERY POLICY, ALMOST WITHOUT FAIL, SERVES THE INTEREST OF INTERNATIONAL FINANCE. (show me one that doesn’t). The financiers fund the think-tanks who create the policies for what we call government, of the left or right, it makes no difference.
At home, for western peoples, amongst whom these oligarchs lurk, we must get used to their governments installing endless systems designed to condition our subconscious minds into automatic and unthinking obedience.
Abroad, anything goes.
But hey, Steve, you and your mates were right about one thing.
We really are in Libya because we care about the safety of Libyans.
Repeat after me: We love Libyans soo, so much. We love Libyans soo, so much.We love Libyans soo, so much. We……
etc., etc.
So Steve, here we have it. For many of us the situation is now way beyond repair. The system itself is clearly at the very heart of our problems. Within it, even those who long for righteousness can do nothing…..or can I phrase this more correctly…..
But, hey, we bear some guilt too for putting up with the situation and the system.
A system whereby infinitely flexible law-making institutions are controlled by and for an elite (under the pretext of serving the interests of the people).
This is a system that follows the Talmudic model. This self-serving, morally cracked machinery and leadership was exactly what Christ condemned when he called its masters, the Pharisees (as they were then known) “of Satan”.
Less than nothing has changed in this age of a new war per week.
More and more decent people, thankfully, perceive the political and media class as those who busy themselves weaving gold cloth from dense and poisonous turds. In the old days when our bodies willingly supported those garments, when we trusted the BBC and the ‘better’ newspapers, we could sometimes get a whiff of the stink but now the fabulous gossamer you weave before our eyes is, and will remain, nothing but, only, and definitively…..that turd.
We will never willingly don such clothes again.”

3 thoughts on “Conspiracy FACTS, the false "war on terror", "False Flag Operations" and why Politicians are so loathed.

  1. Anonymous

    The 7/7 story about what was going on around Canary Wharf that morning is very interesting.All buildings were told to drawer their blinds,the whole area was sealed off,police marksmen were spotted on top of roofs and eye witness accounts of hearing gunfire.Did these four muslim lads doing role plays for the security services really smell a rat that morning and were heading to one of the national tabloids in Wapping ? One thing that definitely doesnt tie in is the time of the train or dealyed train from Luton by the time they would have arrived in London the first explosion would have gone off !

  2. Anonymous

    Brilliantly funny London Underground Transport logo heading this article – we should print dozens of them matchin the real article and stick them over the real ones on the London underground.Fly On The Wall


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