Are you getting what you have paid for? Mis-sold memberships.

“The arrival of the latest, shockingly poor, issue of Identity magazine on long-suffering party members’ doormats this morning has confirmed — if any further evidence was needed — that its new editor, Nick Griffin, has finally gone completely mad.
Apart from the awful layout and appalling cover picture — which breaks all design rules known to man — the contents of this “new look” issue have revealed the extremely low-level IQ and political insight of what is left of the BNP head office.”
 “Well, if you were lucky enough to be one of those who did not receive the ones with the blank misprinted pages (see a scanned copy above) then you would also have been treated to:
– An irrelevant article by Nick Griffin on why the BNP should not join UKIP (hello, what planet do we live on? Does anyone really need to be told that?);
– A handful of obviously fake letters (the lead one is from Nick Griffin’s son-in-law, Angus Matthys, who just coincidentally is also on the party payroll and who cannot string three written words together);
– A half decent article by Kieren Trent about the Resistance youth wing;
– An article from Nick Griffin endorsing the thesis spelled out in Mrs Harrington’s article, throwing in the insanely boring “Peak Oil” theory once again for good measure;
– And then four pages of what should have been the last two months’ British Nationalist bulletin, trying to cover up the fact of the collapsed party votes in recent by-elections, and a nice colour picture of how the BNP degraded itself by dragging a granny-porn actress to a ceremony at the Cenotaph in London.
Is this what the BNP has come to?  The answer is yes.”

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