You may have noticed the paradigm shift at G.W. of late, let us explain.

After ten years, on the street and on the net, we have come to a conclusion. The electoral path, at this time is largely a blind alley, this current electoral system is tightly controlled by the “Establishment” (sic) and won’t serve us at all:


As has been proven, this nefarious electoral system is wide open to abuse and is abused regularly, it isn’t just a Nu-Liebour thing as the Times would suggest.

So where do we go from here?, hhhhhmmmmmm (scratches chin in a thoughtful manner), well here is the master plan.
It’s education that is needed, not the indoctrination that is practised in schools, colleges and universities but real education, the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Politicians are easily bought and paid for, Griffarage the M.E.P.  being a prime example thereof and regular viewers will know exactly what I mean.


In view of the ever decreasing MSM media sales, we are uniquely positioned to push forward in our cyber activism efforts. The Net is largely uncontrolled, it is too expensive to police and if the establishment dared to shut it down in times of “supposed” emergencies, well, quite frankly they would be “making a rod for their own backs”:


I was once asked in a Paltalk room, “What is the way forward”?, I will freely admit that I don’t have all of the answers and have never proclaimed to be an “Oracle”. However I’m searching, endlessly searching for solutions to our peoples problems.
The promise that I make here on behalf of myself and indeed the entire GriffinWatch Team (this most certainly is not a one man show, we have some of the most dedicated and motivated W.N. truthseekers on the planet working with us), is that we will continue to push the echelons of Freedom of Speech/association/opinion, as is our legal right:

European convention on human rights

The way forward?, Peaceful public dissent, peaceful civil disobedience and Lawful rebellion, will set us in good stead.

We of course won’t forget that we are Griffinwatch and will continue to expose Griffarage and Butler/Collett and those of their ilk, those people like Butler/Collett, who kept quiet for so many years, whilst on the payroll and receiving money from the much abused BNP/Nationalist members/donors.

The GriffinWatch promise, to our people? We will research, research, research and we will pass our findings on, with proof, so that you can formulate your own opinions.

As always, a big thankyou to our viewers, “the truth is the truth and the facts are the facts”, without you this blog wouldn’t be where it is now.


10 thoughts on “You may have noticed the paradigm shift at G.W. of late, let us explain.

  1. Anonymous

    GW when i realised the BNP was a honey trap and Griffarge brought in the goons a few years ago to destabalise it i was getting calls off a new enquirer.By this time i had lost all faith and interest but this enquirer was constantly calling me and lets say i knew the calls were being taped ! Anyway turns out now this chap has turned his attention to the EDL and seems to turn up everywhere,has plenty of time on his hands,goes on the missing list a week before a big rally,accuses others of being old bill,then turns up and no matter where trouble breaks out where his company is present ? Get the picture.

  2. Anonymous

    I don't believe the electoral system is rigged by the establishment – after all, most of those who bother to go to the polls vote Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative and the overwhelming majority of MPs elected are…Labour, Liberal Democrat or Conservative! So, in general, election results reasonably accurately reflect the preferences of the voting public and suit the establishment, as well. No need for any rigging!Under our present system, the number of people involved in managing elections would make fraud on the scale necessary to alter a general election (or even borough council) result hard to achieve/conceal. However, we should become very concerned if any serious proposals for the use of electronic voting appear.However, as the Times article makes clear, fraud can take place before voting papers even reach the ballot boxes and the introduction of postal voting on demand has made this far easier to achieve. I am sure it comes as no surprise to any of us that fraud linked to postal voting is most prevalent in areas where non-White colonists make up a large part of the population. I don't think the establishment has any particular interest in whether one gang of Asian crooks or another is able to secure a few seats in inner city Birmingham/Bradford, so it is likely that when the fraud becomes too blatant, they take action to ensure that faith in the system is not diminshed to the point where their legitimacy comes under threat.Keep posting, GW. It is a relief to see that there are nationalists who aren't willing to give the likes of Collett and Butler a free pass simply because they have fallen out with Griffin. If so many naive and desperate ex-BNPers are now willing to be stampeded towards the English Democrats by these characters, unfortunately it goes to show they have learnt very little from their time in 'nationalist' politics.

  3. Anonymous

    Most of the people at election counts are left wing council workers doing a bit of OT.Putting one LIB/LAB/CON vote on top of 24 BNP votes then putting an elastic band round it is common practice ive witnessed and it and believe other former BNP members have.

  4. Anonymous

    To those that still have faith in the party,to those that think Griffin can be voted out at at a ballot,To those that think Edddy Butler will bring the party back your all wrong.Just look at the grooming of griffarges daughter Jennifer Matthys her name is banded everywhere lately she is next in line to the party throne and your wonger,your hard earned membership subscription and donations will go to make Jennifer a nice little nest egg.Take my advice give your £30 to cat protection its more worthwhile than paying into the bank of Welshpool.

  5. Anonymous

    I don't think we should give up on politics but we need to open up new fronts. They are beatable, we've proved that and most of those who get elected are useless and thick. We just need to let people know that we are capable of the job and under Griffin and his ilk, we are not. Many BNP members are scared to stand for election because they don't think they can do the job but I know from experience they could.

  6. Anonymous

    There is cheating at counts but it is rare in white areas. Council staff are usually honest and impartial but they can make mistakes. That's why we need to watch carefully.

  7. Giddyaunt Other Half

    GW, saying that Lawful Rebellion is the way forward is music to my ears!I spent 3 HOURS explaining Lawful Rebellion to an ex BNPer who wanted to vote UKIP and that it is my civic duty to vote. I replied that it is the same machine, different maskWould he listen? NO!And do you know what he said?"Sometimes you have to bow down to the state!!"What really gets me is that this guy is intelligent but he is AFRAID.We believe that Lawful Rebellion IS THE WAY FORWARD!!

  8. Anonymous

    A mate of mine when he stood for the NF a few years ago had to go to his count which was in the area referred to by a judge as the banana republic with all the postal vote rigging.He said it was chaos with the enrichers all grabbing votes of the tables !


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