Well we aren’t going to metaphorically fire into Chris Beverley as some have.


To say that we are absolutely stunned by this news here at G.W., would be a massive understatement.
 For a Nationalist of Chris’s standing to throw his hat in the ring with a bunch of “civic nationalists” (sic), is quite frankly astounding.

A serious error of judgement on the part of Chris in our honest opinion.
Sorry Chris, we have a great deal of respect for you here at G.W., however we feel that this needs to be said.


14 thoughts on “Well we aren’t going to metaphorically fire into Chris Beverley as some have.

  1. Anonymous

    Are Eddy Butler and Collett now going to come clean and tell us all what is really behind their rebellion against Gri££en is it an attempt to remove all evidence there might be with regards to their dodgy involvment with the BNP.

  2. Anonymous

    How long is Eddy going to keep up the charade with regards to the Reform Group / next leadership challenge and his apparent covert dealings with the English democrats?

  3. Anonymous

    As there is no particular urgency to join any existing party ( BNP not dead yet)it is safe to assume EDP have promised jobs in return for recruits.If these fail to materialise, the Gang of Four could yet end up jobless and universally distrusted/despised.They have exploited the goodwill of honest regional organisers and of the London-based leadership challengers for their own selfish ends.good riddance!

  4. Anonymous

    Conventional politics is an absolute zero, zilch dead end. It's clearly going to lead absolutely nowhere. We know what Schiller Killer Zionists and their lackeys are all about. They are judge, jury and executioner; the referee, linesmen and third umpire in a fixed game of sham democracy where there can only ever be one winner. And most importantly for us, one loser. In the unlikely event of you ever getting close to capturing the imagination of the electorate with the Zionist's undisputed stranglehold on the media and Hollywood, they will kill you for it. Forget this pointless political party route that they control. Their 'money god' and avarice is the eternal weakness of these eternal parasites. They cannot be defeated in any other way.

  5. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, note I've never made comments either way on Chris Beverley because I instinctively knew Beverley is weak-charactered and would fold and sacrifice his nationalist principles for his political ambitions.Don't bother about Beverley, there's far better nationalist waiting for the right moment.Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    Surely GW, this latest nationalist heartbreaking but hardly surprising news is worth a double Patrick Stewart face palm? As if either BNP or ED is going to win sweet FA in May. I'd vote for you though GW if you showed the new readers what the hell I'm talking about! Cheers either way!FACEPALM: Because expressing how dumb that was in words just doesn't work.DOUBLE FACEPALM: When the Fail is so strong, one Facepalm is not enough.TRIPLE FACEPALM: Because never before has there been such a degree of epic fail.Picard Double Facepalm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13eDfrMgFQM&feature=related

  7. Anonymous

    I have only came across Griffin Watch today. What an excellent blog.After months and months of research, and a devout voter of the BNP, I am starting to think the BNP are controlled. And I wouldn't trust the so called 'reformists' Butler and co, as they have probably being approached, if you know what I'm saying.Griffin must of been approached, especially after the Euro election win, if not before. We seem to forget both his father and grandfather are freemasons. And freemasonry is in deep connections with Zionism, correct me if I am wrong.I never thought I would say this, but I am sad to say it, that I think the BNP is a cruel hoax.Hitler had the best shot at beating the real powers that be, and because of decades of Zionist propaganda, we think he is such a bad man, and feel guilty for even admiring his passion for his nation, but people are waking up, but where would we start?I genuinely think that if Hitler had of beaten international Jewry, then we would be now living in a free, proud world, for all cultures and races. You may of got the odd war against fanatics of a certain religion, but there would be peace between races and cultures, and respect for each other, but also love for your own.I think by now we could even be spiritual beings, completely in touch with the environment, the universe, and nature in every way possible.This would of been my dream for my nation, race, and culture, and also others.

  8. Giddyaunts other half

    How can he join a party like the EDP that seem very anti Scottish after claiming to be a British Nationalist?At no point past, present or future would i consider joining the SNP.Tick tock Nick Tick Tock

  9. Anonymous

    My reckoning is there will be 300+ candidates down from 2007.Every area that had the establishemnt worried or was looking promising and on the rise has literally been bombed out ! No wonder griffarge pissed off to Cyprus as his game plan came into force to destroy the BNP.Anon at 23:58 Welcome to GW there will be a lot more on griffin in the coming days/weeks/months.


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