It seems that we have popped up on someones "nasty little radar".

Well to those with the “nasty little radar” we here at G.W. point you to the above video and expose your nasty little game.

Here is the link for those interested:


7 thoughts on “It seems that we have popped up on someones "nasty little radar".

  1. Anonymous

    "Here is the link for those interested"Thanks GW but I'm not interested any more and I'll pass. I got off the Holocaust/Holohoax (take your pick) guilt trip train some years ago and am more concerned these days with the tens of millions (some estimate even in excess of 100 million) of 'Christians' butchered by Zionist Jews in Eastern Europe, especially the mainly Jewish (as in counterfeit Jewish Ashkenazim) led Bolsheviks in Russia and Russia's 'near abroad'. Barely a footnote in history for them. The fact that European Jews of WWll – there were NEVER 6 million Jews in Europe for a start) were deliberately held there (corralled) in harm's way by the Zionist Jewish bankers and the like in their engineered world war for profit and the 1948 spawning of Israel as promised in the Balfour Declaration, makes this 'atrocity' even more of a half/partial truth bordering on downright lie. Millions upon millions died in WWll and the Ashkenazim Jews were just a part of it like everyone else who never rate a mention – or a memorial day – in in the fake version of history written by the Zionist led victors. Judea Declares War on Germany: A Critical Look at the Holocaust and WWII Holocaust And Holodomor(Origins Of Anti-Semitism)Part 1 Part 2 (JEWISH ATTITUDE TO NON-JEWS, i.e. "ESAU AND EDOM")

  2. Dwayne done Stephen

    Didn't the Americans bomb the transport links to the camps where the jews were staying prior to leaving Europe. Did they do this on purpose to scacifice the jews for a propoganda coup to get them sympathy for the creation of Isreal? Wouldn't put it past them.Ps Butler is saying that Nick Griffin should be allowed to stay in the BNP. Has he gone mad.

  3. Anonymous

    re: GW's reply at 11:38I was just trying to be funny of sorts with my choice of words earlier there GW and not anything else. Just wanted to clarify that. Your own choice of words "Here is the link for those interested" reads as if you pre-supposed that few would be interested. Not that there's anything funny about what's happening in this Zionist infested and dominated world that seems to be heading to some sort of world war lll meltdown thanks mostly to them imho. Great truth site. Cheers.PS I saw a video on You Tube earlier this week about Zionists giving lectures to fellow Zionists on how to edit Wikipedia in their 'distorted version of events and truth' favour. Maybe it was a link I saw on here. This may be the one:-Course: Zionist Editing on Wikipedia "Zionist propaganda body seeks volunteers to distort Wikipedia input on Middle East."

  4. Anonymous

    Try the Irish famine when a million died in that one small country, whilst the silos were full. Just because free-traders didn't want state intervention!


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