How low is Griffarage willing to stoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“I do not make this statement lightly.

A case was heard in the High Court yesterday (28th March) that is of immense significance for every candidate and agent at last year’s General Election and everyone unwise enough to stand as a BNP candidate or agent in this year’s local elections, the Welsh Assembly, Northern Ireland Assembly or Scottish Parliamentary elections.

The case was heard in Court 14 before Mr Justice Tugendhat. This highly respected judge is a specialist in electoral law.

This was the case:

Richard Barnbrook v The Returning Officer for the constituency of Barking
Application for Relief

The case involves the non payment of election expenses relating to Barking constituency, where Nick Griffin was the candidate and Richard Barnbrook was rather foolishly his agent. Richard Barnbrook turned up in court in his trademark beige suit.

A company called Newton Press had provided various printing services relating to this election campaign, most notably two newspapers that were distributed across the constituency.

Nick Griffin’s BNP has refused to pay Newton Press for their printing services, including various issues of Voice of Freedom. I believe the total outstanding bill is in the region of £15,000. Newton Press have tried various remedies in order to obtain payment but Nick Griffin’s BNP have just waved two fingers at this honest small British company, that employs British workers in their factory in County Durham.

Out of desperation Newton Press were able to establish that some of the printing related to the Barking election and Richard Barnbrook as agent had accepted responsibility for the items as they were included on the expense return.

The items were listed in the expense return as paid. I know this as I helped him fill it out and I saw the invoices, which had a ‘Paid’ stamp on them. These invoices had been provided by Dave Hannam who at the time was the National Treasurer. It is clear that these invoices had not in fact been paid.


Under Section 78(3) of the Representation of the People Act 1983 all bills relating to election expenses have to be paid with 28 days of the election result being declared.

Under Section 82(6) of the Representation of the People Act 1983 making a false declaration as to election expenses can carry a sentence of up to a year’s imprisonment or a fine of up to £5,000.

If a candidate or agent realises that their expense return was inaccurate then they can apply to the High Court for relief, but the grounds for doing this are quite narrow.

Newton Press contacted Richard Barnbrook in order to obtain payment for the part of their outstanding debt that relates to the two newspapers delivered in Barking. I believe the total sum is about £6,000. I suspect they approached Richard Barnbrook as they knew he had a well-paid job as a member of the Greater London Assembly, and that he would be a less slippery character to pin down than Nick Griffin.

Richard Barnbrook denied responsibility as the bill should have been settled by the party centre. Not surprisingly he did not think it was his fault that the BNP had defaulted and provided him with false invoices. As the Electoral Commission had been informed about the matter, Richard Barnbrook had to apply to the High Court for relief in order to absolve himself from making a false declaration on the expense return; that the invoices had been paid when they had not.

Mr Justice Tugendhat has found against Richard Barnbrook. The mitigating plea that Richard Barnbrook believed in good faith that the invoices had been paid was not accepted. The agent is expected to be in real and genuine control of election expenditure. Before signing off the expense return it was the agent’s responsibility to make certain that the invoices had in fact been paid.

It is important to note that the candidate also has to sign off election expense returns. Both candidate and agent are potentially liable for any false declarations. We have just found out that ignorance is no defence.

Mr Justice Tugendhat has adjourned the hearing with a view to referring the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions. In other words, Richard Barnbrook is about to be prosecuted and is likely to gain a criminal conviction because he was the agent in an election when Nick Griffin’s British National Party fraudulently claimed to have paid a bill for materials used in respect of an election and in fact refused to pay the bill.

It is also known that Newton Press printed a local BNP newspaper that was delivered across Stoke-on-Trent, in support of the BNP candidates there, one of whom was Simon Darby.


I find it difficult to muster any personal sympathy for Richard Barnbrook’s plight. He has acted in a thoroughly disreputable manner ever since the General Election. One minute solemnly promising to support my leadership challenge, the next acting as a stooge spoiler candidate at the behest of Nick Griffin in order to corrupt the internal election process. Soon after he announced he wanted Nick Griffin to come clean about the financial mismanagement that had taken place and resigned the BNP whip as a GLA member. Nick Griffin showed his gratitude for Richard acting as his stooge by promptly expelling him. Richard then demeaned himself by touting himself around to various parties. His price was that he insisted in personally being named as the number one candidate for the 2012 London Assembly Election. His only concern was for himself and his own position. Even after Richard’s betrayal during the BNP Leadership contest I gave him sensible advice that he failed to take and ended up making himself appear venal and untrustworthy.

The last I heard the new London Organiser had attempted to foster Richard Barnbrook onto an unimpressed Regional Council meeting recently, by accepting him back and onto London Assembly list (although not as number one). This was at Nick Griffin’s behest!

One’s personal feelings are irrelevant. This is a much bigger issue than Richard Barnbrook.


It is well known that the company that produced the BNP’s General Election leaflets, Romac Press (which is based in Belfast), has an outstanding bill for around £45,000.

This affects every single candidate and agent from last year’s General Election. The gross mismanagement of the BNP’s finances by Nick Griffin has jeopardised the liberty of every single one of them. The buck stops with Nick Griffin and him alone. The judgement in the Equality Commission case makes it abundantly clear that Nick Griffin is in sole and absolute control of all aspects of the BNP.

The timing of this case, just as BNP activists are considering whether to stand candidates or act as agents could not be more staggering.

Are you thinking of standing for the BNP in this year’s local elections – or perhaps for the Welsh or Northern Ireland Assemblies, or the Scottish Parliament? Are you thinking of acting as an election agent?

If so I suggest you think long and hard. If you are a paper candidate then there will not be a problem. If you only use your own locally produced leaflets you will be alright. If you are standing in an election where centrally produced leaflets are used then think again. You are literally risking your liberty and freedom. You cannot believe Nick Griffin’s ‘team’ if they say the leaflets have been paid for.

Nick Griffin has a track record of refusing to pay printers bills. He is taking a risk with your well being. He is mocking you. He thinks you are a stupid. Little more than dirt on his shoes.

A transcript of Mr Justice Tugendhat’s full judgment will be available soon and I will post it up. Inevitably until then some sceptical souls will dispute my facts.”


22 thoughts on “How low is Griffarage willing to stoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    I believe this happened re expenses for 4 SW people who went to Gibralta to campaign for the MEP elections. They were supposed to get all their expenses paid , however they eventually had to contact Griffins mother when Griffin refused to pay up. I don't know the outcome.

  2. Anonymous

    A few years ago when i stood as a candidate it was all new to me but i did everything by the book.When the electoral candidate book came through i must have read 40/50 times until everything sunk in.My 10 nominations were simple to get in my local pub and ran a 100% by the book campaign.The next year the R/O and deputy R/O asked me to be an agent but what they were saying didnt tie up with the rules and regulations of the electoral comission i.e.I smelt a great big rat involving some kind of scam as i'd been in Business myself i know where and when someones trying to have me over.Shortly after this i walked from the BNP as i could now see that it was a corrupt pozi scheme run by conmen who dont give a shit about their victims even if the victim looses their home,their family,their money,their liberty.This article is i believe a true reflection of the current BNP regime do not get your fingers burnt by griffin he is well and truly protected by the state its the honest hard working under players they go after,the ones that pay for their honesty because of griffins dishonesty !

  3. Anonymous

    Griffin is dancing with the devil if he thinks he can just waltz into Ulster and have people over.If i was Reynolds i would get out quick,if i was the party treasurer responsible for paying the bills i would seek asylum in the first safe haven i could find.

  4. Anonymous

    Has anyone notified the local UAF tree huggers that there is an empty farm on the squatting market in Welshpool as old marble eye is currently in Cyprus ?

  5. Anonymous

    I do not doubt the veracity of your post but i believe that you are being manipulated into making this scheme generally known at this time-just before the election!It is becoming blindingly obvious that a well co-ordinated plan to destroy British nationalism is unfolding right before our eyes,this court case is intended to frighten off the majority of possible candidates,especially those who might stand for the more important,and costly,higher level elections that also rely upon PR and so give the BNP more of a chance of winning.We are being destroyed by the gang of fascists that run this country,we must stand even though it is the wrong thing to do!If we don't stand then they will have won without even having to fight at all and they clearly DO NOT want to have to fight because the situation in Britain is now so bad,and getting worse by the day,that a real nationalist breakthrough is getting nearer by the hour-and they know it!

  6. GriffinWatch

    Point taken, however for Nationalism to progress Griffarage must be removed, painful as it is posts like this(from the Butler blog) must be covered. The fact that we as Nationalists are publicly "taking out our own trash" will set us in better stead for the future. The short term damage can be made into long term gains. In my honest opinion.

  7. Anonymous

    Anon 12.46Agreed to a point but its such a crucial time and why is Griffin currently on holiday in Cyprus when its the most important week of the election calender as all nominations must be submitted by noon next monday and the party chairman going on holiday doesnt look as though he is bothered.

  8. gssltd

    The fact is Richard Barnbrook hung himself. He is totally incompetent and an alcoholic. If he had sense he would cut a deal with the London organizer and London BNP and resign.If Eddy wants to bring thsi to a head he should stand Andrew brons for the next Leadership election.

  9. Anonymous

    Paul..Salford..£1,000 the highest donator last month no wonder griffin can book a last minute deal to Cyprus.Paul knock,knock,knock on wood did you get a reciept Paul ? That will have to be registered with the electoral commmission.

  10. Anonymous

    Mylene Guest, bless her well-meaning heart, is dense as five thick planks nailed together – she knows Gri££in is a wrong 'un yet moronically renewed her BNP membersdhip – guess what? – shortly after renewing her membership Gri££in crapped all over Mylene because she told the one-eyed jew cunt she wasn't happy with his choice of criminal and porno star candidates.All BNP member knowing Sni££in Gri££in's list of wrong-doings and obvious political fuck-ups designed to destroy nationalism at the Establisment/MI5/Special Branch/Tory's behest yet remain members are just as thick as pea-brained Mylene `Crap-on-me-again-Nick' Guest.Fly ON The Wall

  11. Anonymous

    Fly ON The WallIts all falling into place griffin dont go from being someone who has the establishment shitting blue bricks to a bloke that is putting retards into key and even paid positions.Your right mate what youve been saying.

  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… the party chairman going on holiday doesnt look as though he is bothered.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anonymous, I've gotta give it to you, you're catching – at last.While Sni££in Gri££in is leader of the BNP, nationalism under the BNP flag is going no where other than oblivion – the one-eyed cunt needs a few BNP wins in the coming local elections to give himself a renewed creadance of being a nationalist.The Arab's simple addage "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" is a wise addage indeed, and on that basis, since the 2010 General Election, I've been advocating assisting those zionist-jew-marxist-backed cunts Searchlight, UAF, SWP and such like wankers against the BNP, especially against Sni££in Gri££in when he tries hitting the golden jackpot of winning a second term as MEP, which will make the treacherous thieving miggy-eyed Jewdas bastard a multi-millionaire.Fly On The wall

  13. Anonymous

    gssltd said… if Eddy wants to bring this to a head he should stand Andrew brons for the next Leadership election.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Bronstein is a big a traitor as Gri££in, and should he win the BNP leadership the BNP will still be going no where.Even with those two cunts booted into oblivion and the BNP led by a decent nationalist, the BNP is totally finished, completely terminally fucked.It's a new nationalist party required – and certain clever people are sweating to that end.Fly On The wall

  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…I believe this happened re expenses for 4 SW people who went to Gibralta to campaign for the MEP elections. They were supposed to get all their expenses paid , however they eventually had to contact Griffins mother when Griffin refused to pay up. I don't know the outcome…………………………..Why would a NATIONALIST want to campaign in the Euro Elections?

  15. Anonymous

    Griffin has been spotted in Cyprus about an hour ago walking round Ayia Napa dressed in clothes donated to him by Muammar Gaddafi.What gave the game away was Simon Darby was wearing a black suit,white shirt and dickie bow playing with his latest MP123VGOOGLE.I.ISABOLLOX shouting "come in welshpool,come in welshpool,come in welshpool its agent jellyfish here"

  16. Anonymous

    If there are no candidates in Birmingham this year or very few then the question needs to be asked why griffin put certain people in charge there ? There was a major donator after Axon and Ebanks but griffin put a few goons in there to fleece an old woman and to make sure the estate was signed over properly.Sharon if you ever look in here this is a major one for you this old girl was giving the party thousands so imagine what her estate was worth to the griffin empire.

  17. Anonymous

    Griffin behaves exactly like an evil Jew, fleecing that old lady,he is pure scum! Look at that photo-Griffin is looking at Barnbrooks bum and Turdeater fatty Martin Reynolds is looking lustfully at Barnbrook and thinking "ooohhh,id love big Rich to crap in my fat face after hes had 20 pints and 10 kebabs,oooooohhh!" What a freakshow the BNP has become.D.S Steve Hackett

  18. Anonymous

    Word has just reached my royal ear that Gri££in repeatedly asked Neil Lynn to lean on Doug Hodson to make a Will naming Gri££in the sole benificiary of Doug's £million – though Lynn and Gri££in were once great mates in a non-homo way* since their National Front days, Lynn repeatedly ignored Gri££in's requests.* Gri££in knows Lynn is rabidily anti-homo and knew Lynn would've torn his head of his shoulders if he swivelled a marble the wrong way at Lynn.Gri££in Watch, how about compiling a permenent list of Gri££in's alleged victims of his Leave-me-in-your-Will ponzi scam – should make interesting reading – and might help surviving relatives of Gri££in-shorn victims.Fly On The Wall


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