Stormfront= Zionist front?

Exposing those who care not for the truth, in our midst. Either Jack Boot or Don Black  have no interest in covering the truth about the September the 11th Atrocities. One or more of these individuals are no better than Griffarage, here is the truth. Deal with it as you will but remember, you heard it here first.

We expose the nefarious here at GriffinWatch, it’s our raison detre.

Lies exposed, my account has not been disabled by request, one of these individuals has had me banned !!!!!!!!!!!

Who has had me banned from Stormfront?

Who is the Zionist sympathiser? Jack or Don?


5 thoughts on “Stormfront= Zionist front?

  1. Anonymous

    BDF forum ? had a spell of the green sparrows attacking decent BNP people on there now all of a sudden the deviant paula wood pops up on there along with ketlan Tossowski and a few other reds.Got me kind of thinking have this lot from the green arrow circle been working hand in hand with the u.a.f. all along ? Is it true there have been uaf sleepers for a long time in the BNP ? Why has green arrow suddenly changed his stance on the BNP when he thought the sun shone out of griffarges arse ? Ive always said the reds are mentally dangerous and will go to every measure to proove their insanity but there is a jigsaw and a pattern out there which just needs putting together.

  2. Anonymous

    I'm a bit, a lot really, confused by what's happening. Is GA Paul Morris now tentatively supporting the "New New BFP" posting the same video as on here and linking to them (New New BFP)? That article immediately followed news in another article that his site had been "proscribed" as he puts it by the BNP.Old BFP New BFP From the New New BFP website – During this unfortunate period, the party website was under the sole and total control of the party webmaster, Mr Simon Bennett.Your newly elected Party Chairman & Executive would like to take this opportunity to distance themselves, British Freedom & the Party’s membership from any articles, views or comments made on the Party’s website at this time, a number of which could be deemed offensive, provocative and unbecoming of a decent, respectable & moderate political party such as British Freedom.We would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate the values upon which our party was founded.We pledge to champion the ideals of honour, decency, democracy, freedom and opportunity, for all our country’s citizens, regardless of class, colour, sexuality or origins.Thanks for the warning! What is the bloody point of such a party that pledges to "champion the ideals of honour, decency, democracy, freedom and opportunity, for all (and sundry???) our country’s citizens, regardless of class, colour, sexuality or origins."All our country's citizens to include Muslims, Zionists, Marxists, anti-white anarchists and militant anti-anything normal homosexuals, even those who would rightly be described as criminals and perverts in a sane and civilised society? Pathetic!

  3. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, I've never trusted Stormfront – it's like those jew-owned psuedo-nationalist arse-wipe rags, the Daily Mail, Daily Express and the Sun – all fart and bluster but never post the more controversial nationalist comments – also Stormfront was into licking Fuhrer Gri££in's fat arse long after it was obvious to every intelligent nationalalist he was misusing, wasting and diverting BNP money into his family's private bank accounts, and was deliberately going about destroying the BNP best ever chance of getting one or more MP seats in Parliament.Fly On The Wall

  4. GWR

    Put your money on the word of Don Black being behind it.Black is a supporter and friend of Nick Griffin you see.I was banned many times years ago purely and simply because I supported John Tyndall and opposed Griffin AFTER he got himself elected BNP leader.There is info on this on the NWN blog.


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