Cllr. Kevin Edwards speaks.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

With Immediate Efffect I Have Resigned From The British National Party

I will continue to sit on Llandybie Community Council as a  “Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign.” Councillor and will continue to represent the people of Penygroes when required and my behind the scenes work on the Emlyn Development that I have supported in principle for 3 years.

It is hoped that I will stand in the Welsh Assembly Elections as a “Justice 4 Linda Lewis Campaign” candidate in Aberavon where I know I have a lot of support and will be able to expose this injustice without the ” Political Shackles ” of being tied to one party. 

More to follow when things calm down .

Cllr. Edwards has his say


5 thoughts on “Cllr. Kevin Edwards speaks.

  1. Anonymous

    For Paul Morris to now turn on Nick Griffin and Roger Phillips after all that has gone before! over some spat and porn, both of which he will have known about, makes me think that this is all being sinisterly engineered. Kevin Edwards saying 'and will be able to expose this injustice without the " Political Shackles " of being tied to one party' reminds me of when Paul Morris quit the BNP for much the same reasons. Let's face it, it's just one thing after another and the timing of the latest BNP Gold membership and Trafalgar Club emails has got to be more than sheer coincidence. I haven't had those in ages. There's no such thing as bad publicity or so the saying goes, not when it comes to parting loyal members from their cash. Kill two birds with one stone? Get some much needed cash and scupper any chances of Welsh Assembly seats, all helped along by the state controlled press. The fact that Nick Griffin readily endorsed the 'marriage' and even ran a piece about it on his euro blog convinces me that it was all engineered, even the marriage itself. That's my take on it anyway. Just look at how fiercely loyal Paul Morris has been in the past, when far more serious issues than this have been highlighted. I would have thought ripping members off to the tune of tens and even hundreds of thousands of pounds was more of an issue than the tacky spectacle we're seeing at the moment. It's all got to be a big con just like Griffin's BNP.


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