Paul Golding squeals like a pig.


4 thoughts on “Paul Golding squeals like a pig.

  1. Anonymous

    The only poster, and probably the only true Nationalist posting on the BDF is Mafeking. What he has to say about Golding and Harrington is about how I've always seen it.

  2. GriffinWatch

    The BDF BNP section is a state setup to make the party look bad.Golding is a scumbag, a moneygrubber who has had his nose pushed from the trough, these moneygrubbers will always turn on each other, it's in their nature to do so.

  3. Unrepentant Tyndallite

    Grow up and don't be so thin skinned. Nationalism wouldn't be nationalism if racial comrades didn't sometimes fall out or have a pop at each other. Mafeking's language is a bit old hat but it's a dead giveaway as to who he is. He's not my cup of tea in the real world but he's a loyal Racial Nationalist and supporter of all John Tyndall stood for, and his posts on British Democracy are spot on.


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